Pro-ject Debut Carbon is a good budget turntable to commence one's analog experience. It's equipped with a carbon tonearm. With some simple tweaks you can further enhance it's performance.

Motor isolation base upgrade is highly recommended for this Pro-ject TT. This upgrade not only isolates the TT from motor vibration but also improves the energy transfer to spin the sub-platter/platter in a more steady pace, resulting in overall sonic improvement. Many have tried and are happy with the sonic improvement!

Scott's of Harlington, UK , had recently upgraded his Pro-ject Carbon Debut with my motor isolation base and he found the improvement to be significant! 


I just installed the isolation base to my Pro-Ject Debut Carbon; the improvement is significant. I wasn't really suffering from any rumble, but what little background noise there was has vanished altogether. More importantly, everything seems a lot clearer - the timing is better, as is the separation between instruments. I would thoroughly recommend this upgrade. 

 It was easy to install, too - I just drilled a small pilot hole, then used a big drill bit to cut enough of the plinth away to accommodate the posts sticking up from the isolation base. The only slight issue was that the screws provided were much too long; I had to saw them down (and file the bottom thread), but no biggy - it's not hard to get hold of shorter M3 screws. 

 Kind reagrds, 

Thanks, Scott!

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Endrik's new shocking orange tweak!

Here's the new orange colour rp8-like acrylic plinth of Endrik from Philippines. For his new tweak, a piece of 5mm orange acrylic cutout was added above the clear plinth to enhance the look further. And now we have both beautiful look and beautiful music! 

Endrik has posted in vinylengine beautiful pictures of his new tweak :

Finally got my rp8 like acrylic plinth from Michael Lim the other day. Very nice craftmanship. Thank Michael! :) 

 *now playing beautiful music. . . :) 

Here's a pic using Michael Lim's acrylic platter with original acrylic cover. . . :) 

The orange rp8 like plinth is just 5mm thick and placed on top of the basic acrylic plinth. It is not full thickness but just an accent to the plain looking colorless acrylic. No problems with closing the oem acrylic cover whatsoever.

The thing is every tweak gives a slight difference, incremental so as a whole, I can really hear quite an improvement from my stock. . .I'm kind of a form and function guy, looking for a perfect balance between aesthetics and sound. I don't like at all a beautiful turntable yet with a mediocre sound. The best tweaks I think I got was the dual pulley and motor isolation support. . . :)

 Thanks, Endrik for sharing with us !

Note : 
Endrik has done several Rega upgrades to his Rega P3-24 earlier :
1. Aluminium sub-platter, dual pulley and silicone belts, click to read more .....
2. Top, bottom bracing and aluminium feet, click to read more  ......
3. Counterweight and motor base, click to read more .....

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More Natural sound - Craig Meyers' P2 upgrade

Aluminium sub-platter and stainless steel dual pulley brings more natural music. These are the first upgrades to be considered for you Rega TT with phenolic sub-platter and standard plastic pulley. Craig of Holland shares his happy experience with us on these upgrades. He has also upgraded to adjustable aluminium feet which also contributes to the sonic improvement.



I got the parts today! I got them installed and did a little bit of listening. I’ll forward you some pictures tomorrow. 

Overall I am very happy with the upgrades! The table is now level on my Rega wall shelf without the need for silver dollar coins! :P The bass is the most noticeable improvement … there is more of it and it is more precise. I can almost hear the 3-dimensions of a drum kit now. There is also a more natural sound to the music … maybe attributed to the truer diameter/consistent speed? Detail improved slightly as well. 

All of your instructions were good. The only thing I did not do is drill the 1/4” pilot into my plinth for the feet. The screws I removed were almost the same size and I did not want to damage my plinth and they went in just fine. The only criticism is the grooves on the spindle. They catch and grab my vinyl as I am removing it compared to the stock smooth spindle. Thanks again for the parts, advice and information on your site! I have a rewire kit en route and next up will be a Delrin platter. 



Thank Craig!

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Barrington's acrylic plinth upgrade ....

Acrylic plinth upgrade will transform both the look and sound for your Rega turntables. Check if you have a long forgotten old Rega TT hibernating  in your shed. Now it's time to bring it out of dark corner and turn it into a sparkling gem with this upgrade! It will be singing wonderful music for you and will definitely brighten up your day!

Sharing with you here the wonderful upgrades done by Barrington of United Kingdom. He had earlier upgraded to dual pulley ( Read more : Barrington's Planar 3 upgrades ). This time he did the acrylic plinth, motor isolation base and aluminium adjustable feet.


Having installed your plinth, feet and motor isolation the sound is very refined and hits you from every aspect, speed separation, sound stage, subterranean bass, sweet treble, gorgeous vocals, individual musical performances. I have also ordered a Signiture PSU for my Rega off board speed controller, I really can't imagine what improvement the new PSU is going to give. 

Before Acrylic Plinth Upgrade

Braced Acrylic Plinth

Out-Board Motor Isolation Base 

Motor base with out-board motor 

New Transformed Acrylic Plinth TT 

Thanks, Barrington!

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Ready to Rock .... Jason's RP3

Jason of Canada has done the following upgrades :

1. Acrylic platter
2. Aluminium sub-platter
3. Underslung counter weight
4. Stainless steel dual pulley and silicone belts

Let's see how his music rock now :

Here you go Michael. 

All setup and ready to rock. I'm pretty impressed with the setup overall. Everything seems tighter and the bass has more attack. And the best part, all the pieces look kinda cool. Function and form. Who knew. 

Anyways. The parts are all together. Looks great and sounds just as good. I can't be sure which piece made the most impact as I didn't take a scientific approach to putting everything together. All I can say is the bass is deeper and the overall balance of the music is clear and "fun". Well worth the investment. And the challenges with the post office. 



Thanks, Jason!

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