Paul Croker from United Kingdom has upgraded his RP6 to dual pulley system. He is happy with the upgrades. In his feedback, he mentioned that it's more like the RP8 in terms of timing and stability. I feel good to hear that as I can see the upgrades work for him!

Tweaking turntable is interesting, we'll never get identical systems and results. The important thing to remember is for whatever we do, we must enjoy the process. That's how we can be happy in life!

Here's Paul's feedback and pictures:

Hi Michael, 

 I've found that the dual pulley and silicone belts really make my RP6 much more like the RP8 in terms of timing and stability. The noise floor appears slightly lower, whilst there is a general widening of the soundstage, and greater clarity to my ears. Thanks again for a great product! 


1. Removing the old pulley with the Pulley Puller 

2. Installing the new Dually 
3. Belts on !

Thanks, Paul !

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Dual Pulley (45/45 rpm)  - USD 48.00
(model DP1M : 50Hz , DP2M : 60Hz)

If you have read my earlier post on a 45/45rpm dual pulley for music professor, Charles Hansen's system , this pulley might interest you.

Just a brief introduction, Music Hall Cruise Control power supply is quite commonly used with Rega turntables. Like Rega TTPSU, switching from 33rpm to 45rpm is easily done without having to change the belt position manually. Besides there are other advantages over Rega TTPSU:

i) There's no need to upgrade to a new 24V motor (cost saving for you).
ii) Your TT speed could be fine-adjusted by small steps to the desired value.

However, there is something to take note here: for Rega TTPSU, the TT belt parks at 33rpm pulley groove whereas for Music Hall, it's at 45rpm. So if you are going for a dual-belt system with Music Hall power supply, you can't use the 33.3/33.3rpm dual pulley. You have to go for a 45/45rpm dual pulley.

As there are requests for time to time for this pulley, I have made a small quantity available in my list for those who are going for this tweak. In my opinion as I have mentioned in earlier post, "when the belt is parked at 45(pulley groove)with this external power supply, the motor runs slower for 33 play-back, thus reducing motor noise and vibration. Significant sonic improvement can be expected."

Hope this is good news to those who are waiting for it! Happy tweaking!

Pulley puller , PR1 : USD12.00
Note : This 45/45rpm dual pulley is also suitable for any Rega TT using Pro-ject 100V/230V TTPSU where the TT belt is also parked at 45rpm pulley groove.

Music professor, Charles Hansen's suggestion  :

....... . I would suggest that, for owners of the P25, using your double 45/45 rpm pulley in combination with the Music Hall Cruise Control 2.0 is really the way to go. Easy instalation and not so expensive. Years ago, I bought an Iorn Audio acrylic platter to replace the glass/felt combination on my P25. That was a probably a "minor" upgrade. A year or so ago, I bought a reference subplatter from GrooveTracer and a white Rega belt. That added a good measure of clarity to the sound. However, it wasn't until I added the Music Hall Cruise Control 2.0, your custom double pulley, aluminum feet and silicone belts to the mix that everything really came together for me. Just brilliant! 

My congratulations to you for such fantastic engineering and design work and the machining skill to bring these designs to life. I really appreciate your willingness to make that custom pulley for me. I'm so glad that I found out about your products! They have changed my analog life for sure. I will spend the coming months getting to know my 4,500+ collection of lps all over again. 

Kindest Regards, 

Charles Hansen

Dennis Ryan of USA commented (with 45/45 rpm dual pulley and Cruise Control upgrades):

Hi Michael, 

Yes, it came Saturday. It's taken a couple of days to get everything set up. 

Right away I heard a difference. I didn't really expect to, but I did. I'd been using the stock pulley with the Rega "white belt," and switching to the dual 45 rpm pulley and dual belts definitely tightened the bass. 

Let me second the Music Hall Cruise Control with dual 45 rpm pulley: a brilliant combo. 

 I'll send more when I've had some time to do some listening, and try to get some pics too. 

Thanks again 
Dennis Ryan

* Other models of pulleys: 

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Top bracing - Antonio's Planar 3 TT

The aluminium top bracing and the stainless steel bottom bracings are two new ingredients just introduced to our recipe book of tweaking Rega  turntables. As usual, I hope this simple tweak would bring improvement to your TT with just a bit of effort and small investment thrown in. 

If you are going to take this path, I would recommend using both of them together if possible for better results especially for the older turntables. So far those who have fixed both the top and bottom bracings come back with satisfactory feedback. However, some are happy also to add just the top bracing only. Haha .. decision is yours!

Antonio of Portugal has added just this top bracing together with double pulley and silicone belts to his Planar 3 TT. Here's his comments and pictures of his system:

 Hi Mr. Lim 

I got the double pulley, silicone belts and the arm bracing in good conditions. I began with the pulley and belt installation and I´ve made some auditions. But I was interested in all the installation, so I removed the arm, platter and bearing, installed the arm bracing following your directions. No problem at all. 

I´m very pleased with the final result. The obvious improvement is the resolution, better focus and deeper sound stage (maybe this improvement results better focus and resolution). I´m trying different styles and recordings and most notorious results come from jazz, acoustical guitars and brass and the piano sound is more realistic (less coloration, I think). I also send some fotos. 

António Júlio Aroeira

Thanks António

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Endrik from Philipines has just added both the top and bottom bracings together with aluminium feet to his P3-24 TT. This is his third upgrade from me after the aluminium sub-platter and dual pulley upgrades ( refer to : Bright colour P3-24 and bright ideas from the Philippines ....).  In this post he is sharing with us his comments and beautiful pictures of his installation. Roy Gandy should be happy to hear that his light plinth TT sounds better than a heavy-plinthed TT...

Take a look at Endrik's feet ( I mean his turntable's feet). He is not using the aluminium feet with the stock rubber feet, but .........



Surprisingly, with all the upgrades I got from you, my Rega tt sounds much better..... . Before I ordered the top and bottom bracing from you, I was contemplating on using slate. Heavy and rigid, I can fashion a not so thick plinth to retain the sleek form of the Rega. The thing is it will change the basic form of the Rega and Roy Gandy might not be too happy and might say that I butchered his design. So I proceeded on ordering the bracing from you. 

*Removed the spindle assembly and tonearm*

*started installing the bottom brace first*

*then installed the top brace*

*Reinstalled the tonearm*

*Finished!!!  smiley *

I was able to retain Roy Gandy's concept of a light plinth(since both braces were lightweight). The plinth is very rigid right now and is kinda impervious to vibrations.

Here are two more pics of the aluminum footers, with the bottom brace visible. Truly gorgeous!:)

All I can say is that I've noticed palpable improvement especially on the bass. Very low noise floor which increased my appreciation of details. Truly a cost effective and remarkable tweak! Thanks again!:)

My next and last upgrade will be the motor isolation support wherein the motor will be completely detached from the plinth. . . 


Thanks Endrik! 

P.S. : You would notice Andrik had upgraded from granite to acrylic platform. He said, " Granite has a ringing sound when you tap on it. Acrylic gives a dull thud. The sound is much better when I used the acrylic. "

New update : Totem beaks tweak on Endrik's Rega ( Read the details in the comments....) 

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