Dr. AL Wong's upgrades on Planar 3

Dr. AL Wong of Kuala Lumpur has recently upgraded his Planar 3 (Initially with RB200 tonearm). The upgrades are done in two stages and he has provided his feedbacks in two parts too. Let's take a look here: 

Part 1 
- Motor isolation base
- Aluminium sub-platter
- triple pulley with silicone belts

Here's his feedback for part 1 upgrades : 

Growing up, the Rega Planar 3 was the turntable to have. Well, I finally have one. 

Thanks to Michael, who guided me through the restoration and mods, the turntable is now taking pride of place in mt home. 

The music it plays is astonishing when compared to my previous digital experience with CDs. 

There is an organic feel to it and is never fatiguing despite hours of listening.

Added the third belt today ..much better pitch stability. More weight to the bass and mid range and treble is less splashy. Less shouty the kids also in the mids.

Part 2 (upgraded to RB251 tonearm)
- top bracing
- underslung counterweight
- Ortofon 2M blue

Dr. Wong commented further after part 2 upgrades :

Finally fixed the counterweight, dialled in 1.80 gm and played my favourite test disc Tracy Chapman...and an omg moment rushed over me. The mid range is so transparent and smooth now, without the edginess I used to hear in her voice. The bass digs deeper and yet has more control and weight. Front to back and image stability is miles better....Truly the best so far of all the different mods...I am very happy..thank you very much for all your help and guidance.

He also posted in vinylengine :

Re: What Made You Buy A Rega Tt?
Postby klimal » 14 Dec 2015 07:18 

Fulfilling a childhood want...a Rega Planar 3 that was the 'must have' TT for my generation growing up then, aside from the unaffordable LP12. The name Rega Planar 3 has a magical ring and sound to it..and now I am in audio and vinyl heaven. The Rega Planar 3 has had a make over with new cartridge, an Ortofon M2 Blue,an aluminium subplatter,triple pulley and belts, new spindle bearing, motor isolation kit, RB251 tonearm with SS stub and underslung counterweight, all from Michael Lim. It retains the original 110V motor, glass platter, plinth, smoked cover and rubber feet. And yes, I kinda got carried away with the upgrades.....

Thanks Dr. Wong!

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Kirill's underslung counterweight upgrade

Kirill of Moscow is very happy with his underslung-counterweight upgrade as not only his lid issue is settled, he notices sonic improvement too. It's a worthwhile upgrade that I always recommend to everyone.

Let's take a look at Krill's feedback and pictures here:

Hi Michael,

Just a quick note to say big "thank you" for your great products.

As you know my issue was that after the installation of Ortolan 2M 78 cartridge on Rega RP78 turntable my dustcover wouldn't close properly and the lid was hitting the tonearm. Very irritating! So the prime objective of purchasing the underslung counterweight for me was resolving the lid issue.

Not only did your counter-weight resolve my lid problem but it also helped improve the sound of my 78s which i didn't expect. I highly recommend this product to everyone who hasn't made up their mind yet.

My main turntable for 33 and 45rpm is Clearaudio so I am looking now at your non-Rega related products like record clamps, 45rpm adapters etc. This will be my next purchase:-)

Below you'll find a couple of pictures of my turntable with and without the cover on and a short video of me starting to play the song "Moscow suburb nights" (sorry for cell phone quality).

Thanks again Michael and best regards from Russia.                                               

Thanks Krill!

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Hannu of Finland has just upgraded his RP3 with my acrylic plinth, top/bottom bracings and adjustable feet. He has some other upgrades too including the audiomods tonearm. With the acrylic plinth, now he has a beautiful turntable which brings him beautiful music for him to enjoy even more!

Here's his comments :

Hello Michael,
It grooves. Very accurate. Very dynamic. Just very good. Acrylic plinth, braces, Audiomods Classic arm, Tangospinner subplatter and groovetracer platter. Thanks.     

Thanks Hannu! 

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You are surprised how much sonic improvement you would enjoy with just a simple upgrade like stainless steel pulley and silicone belt combo :

Hi Michael,

Succeeded. I installed a new metal pulleys and a new silicone strap.                                                    

 Finally, it works great. 

Thank You for Your help.

It was worth it!

Best Regards
Marek (from Poland)

Thanks Marek!

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Paul from United States has done a video on his double pulley installation in detail. He has shared the link to this video in vinylengine ( Rega forum : Michael Lim upgrades). Here's his feedback and his post in vinylengine: 

The double pulley has been installed and it works great. If you’re curious, you can see the documentation of my installation here:

I will probably go for the bracing later in the year. 


Read Paul (BarakaPDub)'s post in vinylengine :

For those who have not done the double pulley upgrade and are curious to see the installation and measured effects, I did a video which can be found here:


The installation was simple and I made the upgrade on my P3-24. I also did some tests using a single belt system which can be found here. While the stock table is good, the double pulley system does make it better in terms of speed control and stability. 


In the future, I am looking to procure a test record where I can show more data on the single vs. double belt system but I think you can conclude that this upgrade is worthwhile if you want to go down this path. 

Hope folks that haven't made the jump yet find this useful

Enjoy the video by Paul on his Rega Turntable Upgrades: The Michael Lim Double Pulley Install & Test

Thanks Paul!

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