Full Size Rega RP6 Aluminium Sub-Platter

Aluminium sub-platter (model ALSP-FS6) - USD169.00
Some RP6 owners requested for a full size RP6 aluminium sub-platter as they preferred not to "wear the stock cap" if possible. A good reason to keep me occupied, designing and machining a new model (ALSP-FS6 ) as an alternative to my previous sub-platter upgrade which retrofits the stock aluminium cap so as to use with the newer underslung RP6 glass platter. This underslung glass platter is a good upgrade which many would like to keep.

As I have mentioned earlier, other than anti-resonance design, low mass is one of the important factors to consider. Hence, this new full size sub-platter (ALSP-FS6) is designed to be of mass not more than 150g(~5.3 oz), a tad lower than the stock phenolic/aluminium cap combo. Being one of the lowest mass sub-platter in the market, rest assure that it would not add extra load to the little motor (~2-4 watts) and main bearing at all.

Even if we are looking from moment inertia point of view, by increasing the mass of sub-platter (say 2 to 3 times) would not do the job better than using a slightly heavier underslung platter with more mass at the outer rim/segment. So in my opinion, it's important not to stress the main bearing and the motor by having a heavy sub-platter.

Here's the full size ALSP-FS6 sub-platter for RP6 : 

ALSP-FS6 on RP6 with acrylic plinth upgrade:

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Barrington's Planar 3 upgrades ...

For old tired Rega Planar TT's, stainless steel pulley upgrade brings back "youth" and liveliness to challenge the new generation of the "RP's"!

A successful upgrade I experimented on my own Planar years ago, believing it can do much better than the stock plastic pulley, brought about amazing results. Sharing the good news with you guys, I am glad that more and more people around the world are enjoying beautiful music with this little stainless steel pulley!

Barrington (of United Kingdom) is one of us who is thrilled by the stainless steel dual pulley with silicone belts upgrade:

Hi Michael, 

I have an old Rega Planar 3 which has been upgraded with a 24v High performance motor upgrade kit, Drive Belt Upgrade and Rega TT-PSU. I have a Reference Groovetracer Subplatter arriving shortly. To add to my upgrade path, I wish to purchase one of your legendary dual pulleys and extractor tools.....

The items arrived a few days ago and are fully installed. Your instructions are very clear and easy to follow. They are a marriage made in heaven with the Grovetracer Subplatter. Hi Michael, Here are some pics as requested.

Mr Limm you delivered to me a wider sound stage, more body to voices. Also I am aware of the background voices are singing quietly or with power. It also applies to all instrumentation. And yet a quieter background noise.


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Christophe and his large record collection

Christophe Bodin of Sydney is one of us who not only enjoys analog music, but taking upgrading turntable as a hobby. He has recently added the following to his Rega P1:

1. Aluminium subplatter
2. Top Bracing
3. Dual pulley with silicone belts
4. Bearing sheath 

Let's hear what he says after this first stage of upgrades:

Hello Michael. 

Greetings from Sydney. 

Thank you for making all those components commercially available online. 

My upgraded HiFi system is sounding amazing! Great, great improvement... I can't believe the difference this has made! 

Photos attached.

Christophe Bodin

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Bill - Wonderful world of vintage hi-fi

"Turntable" may appear to be something vintage; something of the past to a lot of people. But for us, analogue lovers, it's more than that. Not just a piece of art, it's the key which leads us into the wonderful world of analogue music!

Bill of Melbourne has just joined us in the journey of tweaking and enjoying beautiful analogue music.


Hi Michael, 

I was on the look out for a turntable for my system, when a friend introduced me to the wonderful world of vintage hi-fi. 

I ended up buying off him a Rega Planar 2 in mint condition which he had for sale. TT came equipped with a 747 Grace tonearm. Upon first listen, I was impressd and never thought my records could be reproduced in such way compared to mid priced modern TT. Being new to vintage audiophile hi-fi, I decided to do a research on Rega and was surprised on how much information there is. 

Wanting to improve on the TT performance, you were mentioned in a forum and.......BANG! Turntable candy for Rega's. Over the past few months I have purchased your upgrades except for the sub platter and finally assembled all parts as per your instructions. Thanks heaps for sending me the smaller rubber feet to fit the aluminium iso feet as the originals were larger in size. 

Stainless steel dual pulley

Motor isolation base, bottom bracing,
aluminium feet
I did not test every item individually to compare the difference from the originals, but made the comparison upon completion. Cartridge is a Micro Benz high output MC. 

Top Bracing

Acrylic platter

Rubber/Cork mat
Powering up and listening to favourite recordings was breathtaking. Bass, Mids and Highs were all transparent and projected with authority. Soundstage had depth and a three dimensional feel. The overall improvement is phenomenal. 

Thank you... and well done.


Thanks, Bill !

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Thorens TD124 is a classic, high end vintage turntable of the nineteen fifties. Even till today it's a well-known model to all turntable enthusiasts and it's very much sought-after by many. Grab it, if you do come across! Not just a piece of antique to appreciate, with some proper servicing and upgrading, you'll marvel at the music it brings out....

Arthur of Now York is a lucky guy to have owned one of this rare finds! He is sharing with us here his Thorens TD124 with my Underslung Counterweight and Record Clamp upgrade. Enjoy!

Hi Michael, 

I wanted to send you a few pictures of my vinyl setup. I am running the Rega RB300 arm on the TD124.
A great combination. As you can see, your counterweight and record weight has been put to good use.

The counterweight really opened up some extended clarity and firmed up the bass. I am using the Denon DL 103 cartridge, which requires a more exacting tracking weight, and your counterweight makes this more possible than the stock one. 

For speakers I am running high sensitivity Fostex full range drivers so the improvement in clarity is very noticeable! 

 The record weight is great also, adding a more steady pace. 

 Great products!! 

 My next project is to upgrade the wiring on the RB300. 

 All the best,

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