Marko has a P5. He has chosen to begin with the aluminium sub-platter and stainless steel dual pulley upgrades. No doubt P5 is fitted with a metal pulley (aluminium). But somehow stainless steel pulley outperforms the stock aluminium pulley. If dual pulley is used to replace the stock pulley, the result is even better!

Let's take a look at how Marko of Seattle shows his step by step procedure to do the upgrades: 

Hello Michael.

I completed the install tonight I am delighted. Although I know that the bearing may benefit from wearing in, the impact of the upgrades is immediately obvious. 

Before  the upgrades: 

I took photos of the entire process (pulley and subplatter) and will organize them and get them to you. I am not a poster so I’d rather just email or upload them to you. 

i) Pulley installtion :

ii) Aluminium sub-platter installation : 

The subplatter was very hard to descend. I almost called you. I ultimately got it down several millimeters by spinning it backwards but couldn’t get it to go down further until I put the glass platter on top, which got it down the rest of the way. 

I was surprised at how much larger your belts are compared with Rega’s. I moved the pulley to its maximum out position and there’s still significantly less tension than with the Rega belts, but I am guessing that this is on purpose and you’ve found that less tension is better. I have not experimented with tension as you describe below. Perhaps another day. 

Now I am just enjoying the more open sound. Imaging is improved, bass richness is increased, and midtones are more present and lively. 

Thanks for making this an easy and high value upgrade. I hope you’ll find the photos to be a nice resource for your customers. 


Thanks, Marko!

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Alan's RP6 - Adjustable Feet upgrade

Stock Rega RP6 comes with aluminium feet. But it's non-adjustable. So sometimes it's quite a headache to get our TT sitting level on the rack. If you have the same headache, take a look at my adjustable aluminium feet. It may solve your problem.

Here is Alan's (of Fort Lee, New Jersey) adjustable feet upgrade :

Dear Michael, 

Hooray, the adjustable feet arrived today. A mere 30 days since you shipped them( so much for air mail). Surgery is complete. The patient is fully recovered and up and about. 

Finally my RP6 is truly level, no more washer as shims. 

Thank you so much. See picture below. 


Best regards from the US, 
Alan de Vrie

Thanks Alan!

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Richard of Singapore has upgraded his Rega RP3 with underslung counterweight, aluminium sub platter, stainless steel dual pulley and silicone belts. 

You can see from his picture, removing the stock aluminium pulley is not anymore a difficult task with my pulley puller (it's done directly from top of plinth). So for RP3 owners, if that's what keeps you from dual pulley upgrade, you may rest assured now that everything would be fine.

And you'll not be disappointed as "Everything sounds so new and fresh! "  as Richard has put it   in his comments....

I thought I give it a few days to run-in the new pulley n belts but seriously, if this is what I'm getting before the run-in, I am totally impressed. 

Vocals and instrumentation have all gone up a couple of notches. Everything sounds so new and fresh! 

1. Aluminium Sub-platter upgrade
Aluminium Sub-platter installed 
2. Underslung Counterweight upgrade
Removing the end-stub
Counterweight installed 

3. Dual Pulley and silicone belts upgrade
Puller working directly from top of plinth
Dual Pulley installed
Silicone Belts put on
All the upgrades in place!

Best regards 

Thanks Richard!

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Counter weight upgrade by Seba ..

Comes to Counterweight upgrades, there are always two common questions being put forward to me :

Q1. " Michael , any problem with the cover? Will your CWT be too high that I will have problem with the TT cover? 

Answer from me, " Not at all, you can still cover it perfectly as the top part of my CWT is almost in line with the tonearm. In fact it's lower than the stock Rega CWT. " 
( Take a look at the picture below from Seba.)

Q2. " Michael, I am fearful to remove the Rega stub and I have decided not to touch the stub, is there any way that I could still upgrade to your CWT? "

Answer from me, " No problem, you may use my CWT with Rega stub if you prefer not to remove the stock stub...."

My underslung counterweight is easy to install and it comes with fine VTF adjustment feature which makes VTF fine tuning very much simpler for you. You also have the choice of not changing the Rega stub or completely replacing the whole CWT altogether with my stainless steel stub.

Sharing with you here upgrades by Seba from Quebec, Canada. Enjoy!

Hi Michael 

long time since we last chat :) 

CW, Adjustable Feet and top brace really have made a difference. I much more enjoy my LP experience with your mods :)

1) Counterweight + Top bracing
Note : The cover would not be affected 

2) Aluminium Feet + Bearing Sheath


Thanks, Seba!

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Most of us have a lot of old 7" vinyl records with big holes (a tad less than 38mm) in our cabinets. In order to spin them on the standard turntable with standard smaller diameter spindle, we need a 45rpm record adapter. This is not something new and many of you might already have one of those common ones made of plastic in your possession. But my 45rpm adapter as shown below is completely different....

It's a dual-function adapter!

Let me explain : my alloy adapter weighs approximately 2 oz(or 58g), not only serves the function of 45rpm record insert, it can also be used as a light weight record clamp for your other standard 12" lps. Cool?

This product  is available in two colors, gold or silver to match your turntable.

Gold color model : A45G - USD12.80
Silver color model: A45S - USD12.80

i) As 45rpm adapter for 7" record

ii) As record clamp for standard 12" lps

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