"RP6 plinth and Lim feet project" is another new tweak for Daniel Malito of New York.  You may take a look at his other tweaks for his RP1 in my earlier post: 

It's always exciting to see how other TT enthusiasts contribute unique ideas in enhancing the performance of their own beloved TT. 



Michael, as I told you, I ordered an RP6 plinth from Rega and used your feet and other upgrade parts to make an improved RP6. Well here is the finished product! 

Also, I took your aluminum feet and put a hemisphere of sorbothane on the bottom to further reduce vibration and it works fantastic! 

Thanks again!


Thanks Daniel!

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Stainless Steel Dual pulley is an upgrade to aluminium pulley. Together with the new aluminium sub-platter you would immediately notice significant difference for sure. If further enhanced by the addition of the underslung counterweight, you would be surprised to see the results!

These are the simple tweaks to begin with for any humble stock or old "tired" Rega TT.

Samar of Richardson, Texas, has these upgrades added to his system and here's his feedback


I finally had a chance to install all the items I received from you a few weeks back. 

     . Dual Pulley 
     . Machined Sub Platter 
     . Red Belts 
     . Under slung tone arm weight 

I installed all the components at the same and I wasn't quite sure what to expect. I played a few records and I immediately noticed a big increase in pitch stability as well as soundstage. I suspect this is because of the machine sub platter. Overall, the sound is just tighter, more accurate, and the spatial separation of the instruments is fantastic. The bass definitely sounds an octave lower, with much more slam and presence. I'm still using just an Elys 2 so I suspect that I can get more more detail from the grooves by upgrading my cartridge/stylus. 

Thanks again for all your help and I'll be back soon for the ceramic platter and the spacers :) I've attached a few pictures of the install for you.

The amp that I am using is a PrimaLuna Prologue 2 (http://www.primaluna-usa.com/product-main/prologue/classic-int) 

The speakers that I am using or the Rega RS5. 

Overall, I'm extremely happy with the system and especially so after installing your upgrades.


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Thomas Nielsen's upgraded TT - "P9/P10"....

Congratulations Thomas! 

WOW! Audiomods arm! The latest addition of to his heavily modded P3-24; it's in even higher league now. 

Sharing with you pictures and feedback from Thomas:

Hi Michael! 

As I promised you a few weeks ago, here is a pair of pictures of the top brace in my P3-24 - and my new arm from Audiomods, that I recieved just before this weekend. 

As I noted in the last mail - and still listening to the stock rega arm - the bracing upgrade was absolutely audible, with an overall more focused sound and small details from the background popping up even more clearly. And the alu-feets is making the turntable looking georgious! I´m realy glad I got those!

And now - with the Audiomods arm - I think that I have a turntable in the same league as the P9/RP10 - or maybe even better, what arm is concerned. But thats my opinion.

Best regards from Denmark
Thomas Nielsen

Thanks again, Thomas!

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Thomas Nielsen's Black bottom bracing

Black bottom bracing? 

Why black? "Black" seems to be quite a favourite colour in hi-fi world. A lot of the hi-fi equipments as you can see are black in colour, not to mention the "black saucers" that we are spinning on our beloved TT's are mostly black too!

But you don't find black bottom bracing in my list. Yes, so far I only supply the natural stainless steel bottom bracing. The is because stainless steel is hard to be chemically stained to "perfect black". At most we can get it darkened like the picture below only:

Here's how Thomas has got his bottom bracing with "well-done black". How did he manage to do so? The answer is simple, just Spray it

It's perfectly fine to do so as it is not going to affect your TT performance. In fact it's cheaper and more effective compared to getting it "chemically stained". Good DIY idea from Thomas of Denmark for you!

Let's hear what Thomas has to say about the bracings and aluminium feet upgrades : 

Hi Michael! 

Just to tell, that I am very pleased with the bracing upgrade - and the alu feets looks really cool. I am glad that I got them too! 

About the sound enhancements: 

My initial impression is: "It's like windows being polished". 

Small nuances in the background is brighter and the sound is tightened up, and dynamics seems to "pop up" faster than before. 

By the way: I had a small amount of matte black paint in a spray can, so I gave the bottom brace and the big shim some black spray before the assembly. 

The reason for this is, that my TT is located on the Rega wall bracket in good operative height. And from my favorite listening position in the sofa I can see slightly underneath the TT, and therefore I wanted to make the bottom brace more discreet compared to the black bottom of the TT - and it just gets the alu feets to stand out even more beautiful! 

So maybe a black option of the bottom brace would be an idea for future "upgraders" 

Best regards from Denmark
Thomas Nielsen

Thanks Thomas!

* Stay tuned .... more to follow ....

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Mike of California told me he has already got a few other upgrades done to his RP3 when enquiring on my aluminium feet and stainless steel dual pulley upgrades. He is looking at my stainless steel dual pulley because some other metal pulley upgrade is not performing to his satisfaction.

As I have mentioned earlier, stainless steel pulley (dual or standard) would give sonic improvement over aluminium and plastic pulleys due to better energy transfer, it's in fact a worthwhile upgrade to consider. And now, Mike is enjoying "huge difference" as he put it....

Here's Mike's feedback and pictures of his system:

Hello Michael,

I just wanted to write you a quick note to thank you for your excellent quality products. 

I know I only purchased the dual pulley and the feet for my RP-3, but they have made a huge difference. And I must say, your dual pulley is superior to the other ones out there

I have also added these other following modifications to my Rega RP-3: Rega TT-PSU, Ortofon 2M Bronze Cartridge, Michell Technoweight, Subplatter (Gus Argentina), Dual Pulley (Michael Lim), (2) Rega White Belts, Q-UP Auto Tonearm Lifter, Herbies Way Exc II Mat, Aluminum Isolation Feet (Michael Lim), and a Rega 3-pt Tonearm Spacer. 

Thank you again for your wisdom and great products! 


Thanks, Mike.

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