Danielboone of United Kingdom has a Rega RP6 and a Planar 3. That time when he approached me on the availability of aluminium subplatter for RP6, I was still cracking my head on the design of this new sub-platter; not only it must be good, but also value for money. It's important not to burn a big hole in your pocket so as to obtain WA(wife approval) easily and quickly. And I was even more anxious then to get WA myself for acquiring my red hot RP6 to do the testing!

In fact Danielboone was the first UK RP6 owner to try out my ALSP6 aluminium sub-platter. I am glad that he found ALSP6 a positive upgrade. Another point to mention is this sub-platter could be used on his Planar 3 too(without the cap). In short, it's really flexible for those RP6 owners who have another standby Rega TT.

Danielboone had sent me a number of pictures of his installation. You may read his comments in this link to vinylengine:

Danielboone posted in vinylengine :

"Michael's upgrade subplatter arrived and fitted. Having listened for a couple of hours ,I am amazed at the difference.very little surface noise, some crackles and pops gone. Vocals are crisper and the bass is tighter, instruments more audible, the overall effect is more togetherness and very acceptable."

Thanks, Daniel

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Justin of Sydney, Australia, has just upgraded his Rega RP6 with dual pulley and silicone belts. Already added the aluminium subplatter upgrade earlier, so what's next? He is worried that he may run out of things to improve....

Tweaking turntables is interesting; once you get started, you would naturally move on from one phase to another. Sometimes it's hard to stop; isn't it tempting and exciting to try out new tweaks for greater musical enjoyment and satisfaction? 

If you are a tweaker, you would understand what I mean ...

That's what happened to Justin too...

"... when I did the "vibration test" to see if I could feel any above the motor I noticed it oscillating a little bit.. " He explored further and asked if any Rega RP6 owner had tried on my idea of "outboard motor" isolation?

No, so far no... (so let me know, Justin if you have decided to bite the bullet!) 

Here's feedback and pictures from Justin:

Hi Michael, 

installation was a breeze, seems more stable.. startup is better, clear instructions as well, still testing, only sad thing is I've run out of things to improve .. will let you know in a couple of days in a bit more depth....

overall from what I've experienced dealing with you and installing the dual pulley you are very easy to recommend.



Thanks, Justin!

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Top aluminum alloy bracing upgrade by Nick

This is Nick's (from Bristol, UK) first upgrade. Only the aluminium alloy top bracing and no other variables. So any change to Nick's TT performance would be solely due to the addition of this top bracing. And what has he discovered?

Sound wave theory is some complicated physics that we tweakers might not be able to figure out exactly. But don't worry, we need not have to be physicists here to explain and to tweak; it's instinctive that we can tell if the music sounds nicer or not after any tweak.

That's why I always say let your ears be the judge!

Sharing with you here Nick's picture and comments:

Hi Michael,

Top brace received & installed last night (I received it last week but only just got round to installing!). Have just spent the best part of 6 hours listening to vinyl this morning and every record I play on it sounds amazing! I'm afraid I'm not very descriptive when it comes to music but I know when it sounds good! Very happy with the brace and will be coming back to you for more items when funds allow. 

Thanks very much,

Thanks Nick!

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