Hannu of Finland has just upgraded his RP3 with my acrylic plinth, top/bottom bracings and adjustable feet. He has some other upgrades too including the audiomods tonearm. With the acrylic plinth, now he has a beautiful turntable which brings him beautiful music for him to enjoy even more!

Here's his comments :

Hello Michael,
It grooves. Very accurate. Very dynamic. Just very good. Acrylic plinth, braces, Audiomods Classic arm, Tangospinner subplatter and groovetracer platter. Thanks.     

Thanks Hannu! 

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You are surprised how much sonic improvement you would enjoy with just a simple upgrade like stainless steel pulley and silicone belt combo :

Hi Michael,

Succeeded. I installed a new metal pulleys and a new silicone strap.                                                    

 Finally, it works great. 

Thank You for Your help.

It was worth it!

Best Regards
Marek (from Poland)

Thanks Marek!

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