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Switzerland, one of the richest countries in the world, is not unfamiliar to me. Being an avid watch collector, I am always fascinated by this country because of my passion in watches. And "Swiss made" is always my first choice. Switzerland not only produces fine watches, it also dominates the world in the watch industry.

How about turntables? Thorens and Lenco are some of the best known names in Swiss-made precision turntables which are ubiquitous around the world today. Though Lenco no longer produce the famous idler drive TTs' like L75, these vintage turntables are still very much sought after by analog connoisseurs.

Besides, it's such a beautiful country.... the Alps .....the snow ...... Sorry, I am a bit carry away and going a bit out of point. Actually my intention is to introduce to you our friend from Switzerland, Ulrich Peyer.

It's exciting for me getting to know a new analog enthusiast in Switzerland and it's equally exciting for Ulrich to discover more about his P25 TT after some simple tweaks( aluminium sub-platter,dual pulley and brass record clamp).  Here's his feedback: 

Dear Michael,

I just completed the installation of a metal sub platter, a metal pulley and two new belts. It took several hours to run in until the record speed was stable. 

The results were simply stunning: The bass had a lot more punch and it was so much clearer that an expert could probably tell you which company has built the instrument, because every bass sounds different now which it didn't before... 

The sound is also more relaxed, before it was more nervous. The record clamp also gives more detail. I got a lot of quality for very little money. 

Later I will mount the P25 on the Rega wall mount. On the attached prictures it still is placed on a lovan classic rack, which according to Rega is not a very good idea. 

Kind regards 
Ulrich Peyer

Thanks Ulrich!

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So I just got my new feet..

David J of Sweden has upgraded his Rega RP1 with bearing sheath and aluminium feet. With just these simple upgrades, he has noticed sonic improvement to his TT. Here's his feedback:

Hi Michael! 

I wanted to share my results of my upgraded feet and bearing nut I bought from you recently. In all honesty, I bought the feet with the intention that it would be a visual enhancement. After having upgraded the original platter to a substantially heavier acrylic one, the heavier-duty bearing nut you provide seemed like a good buy aswell, no more anxiety over unneccesary wear and tear on the bearing. 

I wasn't really expecting a sonic upgrade after mounting the feet, which by the way was easy as pie and took a couple of minutes. But to my surprise, I experienced a slightly more focused sound with a bit more clarity. I've been playing records for a couple of weeks now with the new upgrades and I do appreciate the improved sound and I absolutely love the look of the turntable now, it looks luxurious. 

I attached some pictures of the turntable with the upgrades for you to enjoy. 

Thanks for the well-sounding and amazing looking tweaks and the excellent service! 

Best regards 

David has also commented in vinylengine :

So I just got my new feet.. 

I ordered a new set of aluminum feet from the Rega enthusiast Michael Lim, along with a new bearing nut. I just wanted to share my results with you. 

Since my acrylic platter is way heavier than the original platter, I figured why not improve the rigidity and hopefully dissapate some of the vibrations.

Thats why I threw in the bearing nut in the order, but I was aiming for the feet. I mounted and installed both upgrades in minutes and the results are stunning, at least to me. Been listening to some records for the better part of the evening and I can't decide whether I'm experiencing placebo or this actually made a difference in my setup.

The sound seems clearer and more focused to me, in lack of a better description. In all honesty I didn't even buy them expecting a sonic improvement, I just thought they looked amazing. I'll have to give this some more listening to be sure, but to be clear, I love the elegance they bring to my simple Rega. Alright, back to listening..

So don't under-estimate the "potential" of your stock Rega TT. Enjoy tweaking!

Thanks David!

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