Happy New Year 2015!

Jorge of Canary Island who had bought a number of my upgrade components earlier, including  underslung stainless steel CTW, finally decided to mod his Rega TT with the new Acrylic Plinth and Motor Isolation Base. He new project is now completed! Bravo, just in time to enjoy more wonderful analog music! during this festive season!

Let's hear his comments:

Hi Michael 

At this point all upgrades are installed and I am very happy with them
Focused, wide stereo image and zero noise. Also looks awesome!!! 

The height adjustment is now a breeze, and the leveling is easier than ever. 

In the following months I will try to purchase some more upgrades from you, I am thinking of the suplatter, dual pulley, dual belts and base... 

Cheers and Happy New Year 2015...!!!

 Thanks Jorge!

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How time flies; 2014 is coming to an end soon. Hope all of you are enjoying and will continue to enjoy good analog music with all your upgrades! I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a wonderful year ahead!

Sharing with you here Mick's RP6 upgrades, enjoy!

Hi Michael 

It’s been a few weeks now since I installed the upgrades and I thought I’d let you know how it is going. 


Dual Pulley

Aluminium Sub-platter 

Silicone belts 

It is all working perfectly and sounds really good, I noticed straight away how much better the bass was and now it’s all had time to run in it increased to the point that I Have had to adjust the cut off on my Sub-bass speaker “Twice”. 

The turntable is running perfectly and at exactly 33.3 rpm, I am very pleased with the fact that the sub-platter has corrected the deck running to fast. 

That all for now. 

Fund permitting I’ll be back in the new year for more upgrades. 

Keep up the good work. 

Best regards 
Mick Ballard             

Thanks Mick!

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Aluminium sub-platter (model ALSP-FS6) - USD169.00
(add extra USD6.00 for ceramic ball bearing)
Some RP6 owners requested for a full size RP6 aluminium sub-platter as they preferred not to "wear the stock cap" if possible. A very good reason to keep me occupied. So I went ahead to design and machine a new model (ALSP-FS6 ) to use with the newer underslung RP6 glass platter which is a good upgrade that many would like to keep.

As I have mentioned earlier, other than anti-resonance design, low mass is one of the important factors to consider. Hence, this new full size sub-platter (ALSP-FS6) is designed to be of mass not more than 150g(~5.3 oz), a tad lower than the stock phenolic/aluminium cap combo. Being one of the lowest mass sub-platter in the market, rest assure that it would not add extra load to the little motor (~2-4 watts) and main bearing at all.

Even if we are looking from moment inertia point of view, by increasing the mass of sub-platter (say 2 to 3 times) would not do the job better than using a slightly heavier underslung platter with more mass at the outer rim/segment. So in my opinion, it's important not to stress the main bearing and the motor by having a heavy sub-platter.

Here's the full size ALSP-FS6 sub-platter for RP6 : 

ALSP-FS6 on RP6 with acrylic plinth upgrade:

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Barrington's Planar 3 upgrades ...

For old tired Rega Planar TT's, stainless steel pulley upgrade brings back "youth" and liveliness to challenge the new generation of the "RP's"!

A successful upgrade I experimented on my own Planar years ago, believing it can do much better than the stock plastic pulley, brought about amazing results. Sharing the good news with you guys, I am glad that more and more people around the world are enjoying beautiful music with this little stainless steel pulley!

Barrington (of United Kingdom) is one of us who is thrilled by the stainless steel dual pulley with silicone belts upgrade:

Hi Michael, 

I have an old Rega Planar 3 which has been upgraded with a 24v High performance motor upgrade kit, Drive Belt Upgrade and Rega TT-PSU. I have a Reference Groovetracer Subplatter arriving shortly. To add to my upgrade path, I wish to purchase one of your legendary dual pulleys and extractor tools.....

The items arrived a few days ago and are fully installed. Your instructions are very clear and easy to follow. They are a marriage made in heaven with the Grovetracer Subplatter. Hi Michael, Here are some pics as requested.

Mr Limm you delivered to me a wider sound stage, more body to voices. Also I am aware of the background voices are singing quietly or with power. It also applies to all instrumentation. And yet a quieter background noise.


Read more >> Barrington's Next Upgrade : Acrylic plinth  ...

New Transformed Acrylic Plinth TT 

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Christophe and his large record collection

Christophe Bodin of Sydney is one of us who not only enjoys analog music, but taking upgrading turntable as a hobby. He has recently added the following to his Rega P1 TT:

1. Aluminium subplatter
2. Top Bracing
3. Dual pulley with silicone belts
4. Bearing sheath 

Let's hear what he says after this first stage of upgrades:

Hello Michael. 

Greetings from Sydney. 

Thank you for making all those components commercially available online. 

My upgraded HiFi system is sounding amazing! Great, great improvement... I can't believe the difference this has made! 

Photos attached.

Christophe Bodin

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