Barrington's acrylic plinth upgrade ....

Acrylic plinth upgrade will transform both the look and sound for your Rega turntables. Check if you have a long forgotten old Rega TT hibernating  in your shed. Now it's time to bring it out of dark corner and turn it into a sparkling gem with this upgrade! It will be singing wonderful music for you and will definitely brighten up your day!

Sharing with you here the wonderful upgrades done by Barrington of United Kingdom. He had earlier upgraded to dual pulley ( Read more : Barrington's Planar 3 upgrades ). This time he did the acrylic plinth, motor isolation base and aluminium adjustable feet.


Having installed your plinth, feet and motor isolation the sound is very refined and hits you from every aspect, speed separation, sound stage, subterranean bass, sweet treble, gorgeous vocals, individual musical performances. I have also ordered a Signiture PSU for my Rega off board speed controller, I really can't imagine what improvement the new PSU is going to give. 

Before Acrylic Plinth Upgrade

Braced Acrylic Plinth

Out-Board Motor Isolation Base 

Motor base with out-board motor 

New Transformed Acrylic Plinth TT 

Thanks, Barrington!


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