Steven’s Rega RP8 - improvements done

Steven of Sandy, USA, had done several mods to his Rega RP-8 TT and here are the feedback :

My understanding after reading the information online is the motor isolator concept is the motor mounted to the base you provide sits on the table totally unattached to the turntable. So some parts in the kit are not used. As you said in the last email use the bolts and nuts -- that is what I did to mount the motor and PCB to the base.

I ended up placing 4 cork (beverage table protectors) about 9.3mm total with the all the rubber mesh pads under the base. The cork would slip without the mesh pads between the cork and audio stand. 

If this is correct it is a smart yet simple improvement! My other turntable has a separate motor which makes complete sense.

Feet: I put the small knurled screw to the turntable and the larger one hard against it and then rotate the foot to raise or lower it. Otherwise it seemed to unscrew. Seems to work this way.

I think the cartridge broke in about when I added the counterweight - only way to know is to go back. I got the weight close to the pivot.

Right now this RP8 sounds better than ever - clear and lively. It took a heavy table with a 3-inch top, removing the dust cover and your help.

Thanks for your upgrades!


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Another upgrade for Vesa of Filand - Aluminium sub - platter to his new TT. Here's his feedback and beautiful pictures of his beloved TT: 

Hi Michael, 

Thank you for your service once again! 

I've had time to listen bunch of record and my feelings for your subplatter are great! I already had after market subplatter installed but yours is better by small but noticiable amount. Music breaths more freely and sound opens up nicely. 

I'm very pleased for the result! 

At the moment, I have delrin platter installed, but I'm thinking to try out your acrylic platter against it at some point in future. 

Couple of pictures attached. 

BR /Vesa

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Silvio has added Motor isolation base and adjustable aluminium feet for his  Pro-ject Carbon Debut and he is very happy with the result. Here's his feedback: 

Dear Michael,
Last weekend I upgraded my Project Debut Carbon with motor isolation base and new aluminium feet.
I fixed the motor with a different approach than others with Project Debut Carbon, I had a spare motor with lower holes, suitable to attached it to the isolation base, I bought M3 screws of smaller length to accomplish that.
Rubber Support wasn’t needed with this motor. See pict:

What a sound improvement with this upgrade, awesome results !!!

As a physician, I used a stethoscope to hear the plinth motor noise, and with the isolation solution I can’t hear the noise anymore !!!

I tried others isolation solutions before that, none of them offers the sound improvement accomplished with yours.

Thank you !!! 

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