Bill Long's RP6 upgrades....

Delivery to Canada by air post is extremely slow lately. Bill, thank you for your great patience!


All installed, went well and it sure made a remarkable difference to the sound stage of this turntable. Here are some photos of the transformation with the dual pulley and the VTA installed. I played a MOV Sade album last night and then replayed the same tracks this afternoon after I installed and re adjusted the tone arm.....much more dynamic sound stage that complements the aluminum sub platter and the delrin platter. This certainly launches my RP6 to comprabable turntables in the $5,000 range for sure!! 

I am glad to have come across your site and am very excited to listen to my vinyl on this improved sound stage your tweaks have made possible. 

Patience is a virtue......3 months but all is good as summer is busy time outside. 

My system.....Naim NAC N 272, NAP 250.2, Rega RP6+, Clearaudio Smart Phono 2, Nordost Red Dawn power cables all into a pair of Bryston Middle T floor standers. 

I am hoping to upgrade to a Naim XPS DR this fall sometime! 

Kind regards, 
Bill Long Nelson, 
B.C. Canada

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