Dominik's new P5 TT plinth upgrade....

A "New turntable" is great joy to Dominik of Switzerland! 

Yes, when you have built a new turntable from your old turntable, sure you'll feel great joy ...

Great joy to hear better music .... 

Great joy in bringing out higher capabilities from your old turntable ...

And above all, Great joy to see the fruit of your own effort in this beautiful new turntable! 

Hi Michael 

I just wanted to give you a feedback of my heavily updated Rega P5 (in fact there is not much left what says P5 ;-). 

Parcel arrived just few days after I asked about shipping duration. Packaging was very professional and quite bullet proof. 

The unpacking was pleasant, so was the stripping of old deck and assembling of the upgraded/new turntable. Everything was straightforward and rather easy to build. IF there were questions I was able to get the right answer by reading carefully and watching your according photographs. 

The new turntable is great joy. Built quality and sonic quality are on a very level! Presentation of music, rythm, pace and soundstage are outstanding - quite a lot beyond Rega P5 capabilities

I'm very pleased with this purchase and it helps me to have Rega at its best. Next improvement will be an Audiomods tonearm. 

Thanks and best regards from Switzerland 

Thanks, Dominik !

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