Yes, Zenons, I agree with you. It doesn't matter ....Our sense or Physics or both??? Or even placebo effect ???

The most important thing is we are happy that we can enjoy music better!

Take a look at Zenon(from Riga, Latvia)'s detail procedure on motor base and stainless steel pulley upgrades feedback and pictures!

Hello Michael, 

After few days of working motor noise disappears! You know, sometimes we are speaking about placebo effect what works well if we trust. 

But in this case I can say that motor isolation and metallic pulley really works for my ears and brain. Now sound is more lively with deeper bass I think

And does not matters is it our sense or physics or both. Music is a great part in our lives and if we can enjoy it we are happy! 

Thank you!

With best wishes, 

Thanks again, Zenons! 

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