This is the newest stunning tweak by Mark Nettleton of Australia.

You may not believe you eyes. But let me tell you, " It's true, you are seeing 6 belts on 2 motors!"

Who says you can't do wonders on Rega TT's?


Hello Michael, 

here are the pics as promised,although this summary is some what belated. it was around 2 years ago i got the urge to do some tweaking to my all Rega hi fi system,i was looking at an overseas electronic hi fi modifier to do some mods on my Rega Saturn cd player,but the thought of sending it in the post turned me off,the damage that could occur while in the transportation was a worrying factor,also the trend in digital music is moving away from cd,is it a worthwhile investment?

1 day i was scrolling through the net,and i came across Michaels blog page,and noticed all the mods that were done by the fellow tweakers,i had a Rega P2,and really only it played on nostalgic moods,and i really didn't notice much difference at all when comparing it with the Saturn with the resurgence in vinyl i bit the bullet and brought a few things at first,namely the sub platter,under slug and cwt.,top and bottom brace,aluminium feet,2 red belts,and double pulley,i could immediately hear a difference when the sub platter and cwt was installed,as for the bottom brace i don't know,as i did not test this individually,also i forgot to order the pulley remover,so i couldn't hear the difference there,so i made another order from Michael ,with the pulley remover and the motor isolation base,again i didn't test the pulley by itself,because i removed the motor off the stock mdf plinth,and placed the motor on Michael's isolation base and heard no background noise,wow,know i am finally hearing what all the fuss is about vinyl.

so you would think it would stop there,no not for me ,their where other things that Michael had,and i understood the modification items that Michael had on hand to achieve vinyl was the acrylic plinth that could accommodate 2 motors,and also another isolation base,another double pulley,and 2 more red belts,all this in place,with another aftermarket platter,and a ortofon blue cartridge certainly gave me a a wide 3 dimensional detailed sound,and a rewired Rega 251 tone arm from isokinetic. 

did i stop there? no,,next was a cartridge upgrade from ortofon,the bronze,beautiful.

have i stopped ?no,i was curious to hear what a dual motor with 2 triple pulleys with 6 belts would give,so i ordered the ALSP-FS6 sub platter,and 2 triple pulleys,and 2 more red belts,upon receiving the new sub platter a problem has emerged,the current a/s platter i have is completely flat not recessed underneath,resulting in the tone arm in the wrong geometry,i then put the stock p2 platter on that is recessed underneath,this corrected the problem,but was like having a hotted up car with the best wheels ,then putting the cheapest tyres on,so another order to Michael,with the his version of the Rega rp6 acrylic platter,and also ordered his new bronze bearing,the bronze bearing has eliminated noise that i didn't know was there,the overall result is with the extra 2 belts with the triple pulleys are concerned is like driving a car with an extra gear,(more oomph) able to give you extra power if needed    

my tt is probably now a hybird p2/rp6,and that is heavily moded,

to say i am satisfied with Michaels products and service is an understatement,because Michael was ever so obliging in everywhere possible,in problems which i came across during the installation process all i had to do was email Michael about the the problem,so quick was his response was like having him look over my shoulder,and directing me what to do,before i was a novice in this field to say the least,and don't have the confidence to tackle just about any where in this field,also the after service Michael provides is 1st rate,and i have no hesitation in recommending Michael,but has my journey come to end now?no,next project a mono tt. 

Thank you for dedicating your retirement for us in this field.

All the best 


 Thanks Mark!

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