By initially sharing with you my tweaking experience and tips, later introducing my series of turntable upgrade/DIY accessories, I hope to have made it easier for more vinyl enthusiasts to join in and enjoy the fun of tweaking, enhancing one's analogue experience and yet not burning a hole in pocket!

A big "Thank you" also to all the vinyl enthusiasts who shared their tips and their tweaking experience in this blog. You have indeed provided a very good source of information for everyone around the world to refer to!

Long Live Analogue Music! Happy tweaking!

Disclaimer :
The items listed below are solely designed and produced by me. I am not in any way affiliated, associated with any turntable manufacturers or their agents. If in the course of my work, certain company, brand, trademark or their products are mentioned or referred to, is considered nominative use, and does not in any way imply any relationship and/or endorsement with the corresponding trademark owners, their products or brands.

Model APLT - USD130.00

........... more details >>

Model ALSP1- USD148.00

*Also available: Model ALSPB with larger diameter to slow down the TT speed a little - USD148.00

........... more details >>

2b. Aluminium sub-platter suitable for RP6

Model ALSP6 - USD148.00

*ALSP6 retrofits existing stock aluminium cap

........... more details >>

2c. Aluminium sub-platter 

Model ALSPZ - USD128.00

.......... more details  >> 

2d. Aluminium sub-platter suitable for RP6

Model ALSP-FS6 - USD168.00

*Add USD6.00 for ceramic ball bearing

*Full size (use without aluminium cap) 

........... more details >>

2e. Aluminium sub-platter - Signature series
      ( inclusive of ceramic ball bearing ) 

    i) ALSP-MK2   -  USD175.00   
      for Rega P5, P25, P3, P3-24 , P2, Planar 3/2 and RP3   
    ii) ALSP6-MK2   -  USD190.00   
      for Rega RP6

      i) ALSP-K   -  USD105.00   
      for Rega P1, RP1, P2..........  


3a. Record clamp/weight with bull's eye level (solid brass)

Model RC1 - USD22.00

........... more details >>

3b. 45rpm record adapter/record weight 

Model A45G (Gold colour) - USD12.80
Model A45S (Silver colour) - USD12.80

...........  more details >>

Model MP1(50Hz) - USD38.00
Model MP2(60Hz) - USD38.00

* Pulley puller available 
........... more details >>

Model DP2(60Hz only) - USD45.00

* Pulley puller available 

........... more details >>

Model DPS1 (50Hz) - USD45.00
Model DPS2 (60Hz) - USD45.00

* Pulley puller available 
........... more details >>

Model DP1M(50Hz) - USD48.00
Model DP2M(60Hz) - USD48.00

* Pulley puller available 
........... more details >>


      suitable for most Rega TT's including
      RP3, Planar 2/3, RP6 and others
Model DP3-50(50Hz) - USD60.00
Model DP3-60(60Hz) - USD60.00

* Pulley puller available

5e. Pulley Puller

Model PR1 - USD12.80

..........more details  >>

Model SB1 - USD20.00

........... more details >>

Model IB22 - USD100.00

........... more details >>

Model TB1 -USD13.90(adjustable ball bearing height)

........... more details >>

Model CWT- USD100.00
(with flexible add-on thumb screw weights options...
check out for details ....)

*Check out on ALL stainless steel look .....
........... more details >>

i) Counter-weight w/o end-stub - USD75.00
ii) End-stub only - USD31.00

........... more details >>

1.5mm - USD16.50      2mm - USD18.50
1.9mm - USD17.50      4mm - USD27.50
2.3mm - USD19.50      6mm - USD38.80
2.8mm - USD22.50
3.4mm - USD24.50
3.8mm - USD25.90

........... more details >>

11. Acrylic isolation platform with metal spikes

Model AP20m - USD110.00
(448mm x 360mm x 20mm, approximately 4kg)

........... more details >>

RETROFIT your existing Rega rubber feet as shown (easy installation)

Model AF-3 - USD48.00 per set of 3 pcs
* rubber feet in picture not included.

(Not for some old Planars with different feet)

............more details >>

RETROFIT your existing stock rubber feet as shown on 12a above
(Not for some old Planars with different feet)

Model AF-3AT - USD66.00 per set of 3 pcs
* rubber feet in picture not included.

............more details >>

13. a. Rubber cork mat 
         Model MRC1(1.5mm) : USD18.00
         Model MRC2(2.0mm) : USD22.00
         Model MRC3(3.0mm) : USD25.00

       b. Acrylic mat (2mm thick)
            Model Mat-AC2 : USD20.00

........... more details >>

14. Bearing Sheath (suitable for P1/RP1)
      Model BS1 : USD8.00
* For P1/RP1 only, not suitable for other models

........... more details >>

15.a. Top Metal Bracing (for RP1/P1)
         Model BR1 : USD25.00 (black/silver color)

      bTop Metal Bracing(for P2/P3/P5/P25)
          Model BR2 : USD25.00 (black/silver color)

........... more details >> 

16.  Stainless steel Bottom Bracing 
       (for RP1/P1/P2/P3/P5/P25/Planars)
         Model BM1 : USD60.00
     * Also available in Black steel Model BM2-BLK

........... more details >>

17.  Lube oil for all Rega TT's
       (steel ball bearing included)

         Model LUB1 : USD5.00

 18.  Lube oil for all Rega TT's
        + 1 pc silicone belt 
       (steel ball bearing included)

         Model LUB2S : USD23.00

19a.  Acrylic plinth
i) Model CAP1 : USD160.00 ( for P1,RP1)

ii)Model CAP2 : USD160.00 
  (for P2,P3,P3-24,P25,P5,RP3,RP6,Planar 2&3)

........... more details >>

19b.  Add-on skeletal color top acrylic plinth 
i) Model CAPEX1 : USD185.00 ( for P1,RP1)

ii)Model CAPEX2 : USD185.00 
  (for P2,P3,P3-24,P25,P5,RP3,RP6,Planar 2&3)

........... more details >>

20.  Add on bottom bracing 
        suitable for RP3/RP6
       ( to strengthen the phenolic bracing)

       Model ABM : USD25.00

21a.  VTA adjuster with sleeve hand nut 
For RB250/RB300/RB600

Model VTA-SN : USD33.50
( Sleeve hand nut only: USD12.80)

21b.  VTA adjuster with hand nut 
            For RB250/RB300/RB600

           Model VTA-HN : USD29.50
           ( Hand nut only: USD9.80)

22a.  Bronze Bearing Hub

         Model BH18 : USD48.80

22b.  Bronze Bearing Hub for P1/RP1

        Model BH12P1 : USD47.50

23.  VTA adjuster - 3-point with hand nut 
         For RB101/RB251/RB301/RB303

         Model VTA-HN-3 point : USD58.00

24.  Stainless steel Disc stabilizer
         (Stainless steel weight with light weight alloy handle)
          Weight : ~392g ( 13.8 oz)
          Height : ~31mm (1-7/32")
          Diameter : ~ 64mm(2-1/2")
          Spindle hole depth: ~25mm (~ 1")
          Model RC-ST  :   USD45.00

25.  Tonearm stabilizer

Model TAS-3-Point.  USD38.00
Model TAS-Hex.  USD35.00


List of Michael Lim upgrade accessories suitable for Rega turntables :

1. Acrylic platter (APLT) - USD130.00

2a. Aluminium sub-platter (ALSP1/ALSPB) - USD148.00

2b. Aluminium sub-platter for RP6 (ALSP6) - USD148.00

2c. Basic Aluminium sub-platter (ALSPZ) - USD128.00

2d. Full Size RP6 Aluminium sub-platter (ALSP-FS6) - USD169.00

2e. Aluminium sub-platter - Signature series 
     i) ALSP-MK2 for Rega P25, P3, P3-24 , P2, Planar 3/2 and RP3  -  USD175.00   
     ii) ALSP6-MK2 for Rega RP6 -  USD190.00  

2f. Aluminium sub-platter (ALSP-K) - USD105.00
3a. Record clamp (RC1) - USD 22.00

3b. Light 45rpm adaptor/Record weight (A45G/A45S) - USD 12.80

4a. Standard stainless steel pulley(33.3/45rpm) MP1/MP2 - USD 38.00

4b. Shorter version standard S/S pulley(33.3/45rpm, 60Hz) MPS2 - USD 42.00

5a. Dual pulley stainless steel (33.3/33.3rpm) DP2 only - USD 45.00

5b. Shorter version S/S Dual pulley (33.3/33.3rpm) DPS1/DPS2 - USD 45.00

5c. Dual pulley stainless steel (45/45rpm) DP1M/DP2M - USD 48.00

5d. NEW Triple pulley stainless steel (33.3/33.3/33.3rpm) DP3 - USD 60.00

5e. Pulley Puller - USD12.80

6. Motor isolation base (IB22) - USD100.00

7. Silicone belt (SB1) - USD 20.00

8. Motor thrust bearing(TB1) - USD 13.80

9. Counterweight (CWT) - USD100.00

10a. 3-point VTA spacer 1.5mm - USD 16.50

10b. 3-point VTA spacer 1.9mm - USD 17.50

10c. 3-point VTA spacer 2.3mm - USD 19.50

10d. 3-point VTA spacer 2.8mm - USD 22.50

10e. 3-point VTA spacer 3.4mm - USD 24.90

10f. 3-point VTA spacer 3.8mm - USD 25.90

10g. 3-point VTA spacer 2mm - USD 18.50

10h. 3-point VTA spacer 4mm - USD 27.50

10i. 3-point VTA spacer 6mm - USD 38.80

11. Acrylic isolation platform (AP20m) - USD110.00

12a. Aluminium feet (AF-3), set of 3 pcs - USD48.00

12b. Adjustable aluminium feet (AF-3AT), set of 3 pcs - USD66.00

13a. Rubber cork mat (MRC1/MRC2/MRC3) - USD18.00/22.00/26.00

13b. Acrylic mat (MAC2)  - USD20.00

14. Bearing Sheath for RP1/P1 (BS1) - USD8.00

15a. Top Metal Bracing (BR1) for RP1/P1 - USD25.00

15b. Top Metal Bracing (BR2) for P2/P3/P5/P25 - USD25.00

16a. Stainless Steel Bottom Bracing (BM1) - USD60.00

16b. Black Steel Bottom Bracing (BM2-BLK) - USD60.00

17. Lube oil + steel ball bearing (LUB1) - USD 5.00

18. Lube oil +steel ball bearing + silicone belt (LUB2) - USD23.00

19a. Acrylic Plinth - USD 160.00

19b. NEW Add-on skeletal colour top acrylic Plinth - USD 185.00

20. Add on Bottom Bracing (ABM) - USD25.00

21a. NEW VTA adjuster with Sleeve hand nut - USD33.50

21b. NEW VTA adjuster with Hand nut - USD29.50

22a. NEW Bronze bearing Hub BH18 - USD48.80

22b. NEW Bronze bearing Hub BH12P1- USD47.50

23. NEW VTA adjuster (3-point) with Hand nut - USD58.00

24. NEW S/S Disc stabilizer (RC-ST) - USD45.00

25a. NEW Tonearm stabilizer (TAS-3-Point) -  USD38.00

25b. NEW Tonearm stabilizer (TAS - Hex) -  USD35.00

(Note : All prices for the above products are subject to change without prior notice.)

My email :

Feel free to contact me if you are interested to upgrade your turntables with these accessories. I would be most happy to assist you in whatever way I can. 

Enjoy life with Lp's and turntables ......
................ a wonderful analog experience for the rest of us

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