Aluminium sub-platter (model ALSP-FS6) - USD169.00
(add extra USD6.00 for ceramic ball bearing)
Some RP6 owners requested for a full size RP6 aluminium sub-platter as they preferred not to "wear the stock cap" if possible. A very good reason to keep me occupied. So I went ahead to design and machine a new model (ALSP-FS6 ) to use with the newer underslung RP6 glass platter which is a good upgrade that many would like to keep.

As I have mentioned earlier, other than anti-resonance design, low mass is one of the important factors to consider. Hence, this new full size sub-platter (ALSP-FS6) is designed to be of mass not more than 150g(~5.3 oz), a tad lower than the stock phenolic/aluminium cap combo. Being one of the lowest mass sub-platter in the market, rest assure that it would not add extra load to the little motor (~2-4 watts) and main bearing at all.

Even if we are looking from moment inertia point of view, by increasing the mass of sub-platter (say 2 to 3 times) would not do the job better than using a slightly heavier underslung platter with more mass at the outer rim/segment. So in my opinion, it's important not to stress the main bearing and the motor by having a heavy sub-platter.

Here's the full size ALSP-FS6 sub-platter for RP6 : 

ALSP-FS6 on RP6 with acrylic plinth upgrade:


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