Happy New Year 2015!

Jorge of Canary Island who had bought a number of my upgrade components earlier, including  underslung stainless steel CTW, finally decided to mod his Rega TT with the new Acrylic Plinth and Motor Isolation Base. He new project is now completed! Bravo, just in time to enjoy more wonderful analog music! during this festive season!

Let's hear his comments:

Hi Michael 

At this point all upgrades are installed and I am very happy with them
Focused, wide stereo image and zero noise. Also looks awesome!!! 

The height adjustment is now a breeze, and the leveling is easier than ever. 

In the following months I will try to purchase some more upgrades from you, I am thinking of the suplatter, dual pulley, dual belts and base... 

Cheers and Happy New Year 2015...!!!

 Thanks Jorge!


JB1 said...

Hello Jorge!
I also installed Michael's acrylic plinth upgrade about 4 months ago and I am very pleased with the results. I am also using the isolation base for the motor.

Here is a quote from Positive Feedback Online- Issue 5 regarding the use of an acrylic plinth on the Bluenote Bellavista Turntable-

"the polished acrylic plinth is more beautiful than painted MDF, it has better vibrational characteristics as well. Again, according to Maurizio Aterini (the designer), it is much more neutral sounding because acrylic is harder and can dissipate vibrations, while MDF has a higher Q (it stores and later releases energy) and adds a characteristic sound smearing in the same application."

Well done! Good choice.Thanks for offering this upgrade Michael!
Best Regards,
Joe Borzetta
(fellow Michael Lim DIY'er)

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