Playing old lp's on an aged turntable is quite unbelievable to some people. And if you were to ask the young kids today, "What is a turntable?"

They will give you the answer : " Something of long ago..."

True, turntable is something of long ago. But few realize that it has survived through different era. In fact, many of them are "revived" and "face-lifted" to start anew after being long forgotten in the dark corner for decades.

This is the most amazing part of turntable.

And I am even more amazed by the beautiful warm music of turntable......

Let's enjoy more analog music!!!

Santa Claus also plays lp's!

Merry Christmas


A Prosperous New Year !!!

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Good piece of engineering.....

"Good piece of engineering......" Wolfgang of Germany commented on the double pulley after he had installed it. He also told me that it's a worthwhile upgrade for his P25 turntable.

He had sent me some pictures showing how he removed the turntable pulley and you wouldn't believe how wonderful this simple pulley puller was until you see it!

Pictures : courtesy of Wolfgang of Germany

The DIY pulley puller

"Since it is not advisable to pull the aluminum pulley towards the bearing I have bought a rectangular ordinary steel tube (30x20x1.5 mm) from a hardware store and formed this "puller" with simple manual tools, the screw is M3 with some cone shaping at the end." said Wolfgang.

DIY pulley puller in action

Rega P25 with dual pulley

Thanks to Wolfgang for sharing with us his fantastic idea here. Now we have got another new DIY way of removing the pulley!

And, last but not least, I want to say to Wolfgang is :

"My friend, this is a good piece of engineering too..... . "

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Work on your dream DIY turntable ......

Congratulations, Edmar! It's really a wonderful TT you have here!

I believe this is a dream turntable for many turntable enthusiasts especially those who love DIY projects.

Thanks, Edmar for sharing these pictures with us.

Pictures : courtesy of Edmar of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Edmar's new turntable is based on Rega P5 TT, RB301 tonearm and some other upgrade accessories. Take a look, he has taken this opportunity to cleverly isolate the motor from the main plinth i.e. the motor is mounted on the motor isolation base and placed firmly on the bottom platform. Motor vibration to the plinth is greatly reduced in this case.

Motor mounted on motor base

The stainless steel dual pulley is another upgrade Edmar has included in his project. Keeping close to higher series of Rega models, the plinth stands on three aluminium feet like that of P9 TT.

Main bearing, stainless steel dual pulley, P9 aluminium feet

Rega RB301 tonearm

Thick(~2") acrylic plinth :450x360x52mm
on acrylic platform : 450x360x20mm

Acrylic platform : 450x360x20mm (bottom)

Now I feel like working on a new project...... like this ......

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I would like to thank Paul Sheehan of England for sending me pictures of his system with the following simple upgrades:

Standard stainless steel pulley, silicone belt and motor thrust bearing

Pictures: courtesy of Paul Sheehan

Rega Planar 3
Ortofon 2M Red cartridge

A&R Cambridge A60E amplifier (built in 1981 !)

Mortdaunt Short Pagent 2 speakers, fitted with small spikes,
connected using QED79 strand speaker cable

And here is Paul's feedback:

" I have been using the turntable for a couple of days now and I'm pleased with the way it sounds.......

The sound is very open and detailed, and I can also hear a very quick response when percussion occurs.

The stereo separation is so excellent. The deck itself is silent when running."

Thank you, Paul!

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