Work on your dream DIY turntable ......

Congratulations, Edmar! It's really a wonderful TT you have here!

I believe this is a dream turntable for many turntable enthusiasts especially those who love DIY projects.

Thanks, Edmar for sharing these pictures with us.

Pictures : courtesy of Edmar of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Edmar's new turntable is based on Rega P5 TT, RB301 tonearm and some other upgrade accessories. Take a look, he has taken this opportunity to cleverly isolate the motor from the main plinth i.e. the motor is mounted on the motor isolation base and placed firmly on the bottom platform. Motor vibration to the plinth is greatly reduced in this case.

Motor mounted on motor base

The stainless steel dual pulley is another upgrade Edmar has included in his project. Keeping close to higher series of Rega models, the plinth stands on three aluminium feet like that of P9 TT.

Main bearing, stainless steel dual pulley, P9 aluminium feet

Rega RB301 tonearm

Thick(~2") acrylic plinth :450x360x52mm
on acrylic platform : 450x360x20mm

Acrylic platform : 450x360x20mm (bottom)

Now I feel like working on a new project...... like this ......


Jazz Preacher said...

Very nice indeed!

Paolo75 said...

That's just what I was looking for! May I have specs for acrylic cut-outs? (I mean holes and motor housing...)

Michael Lim said...

Cut-out for the motor is 90mmX70mm. The rest of the holes should accommodate the tonearm and main bearing housing,i.e. 24.0mm diameter and 18.3mm diameter if I am not mistaken?

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