Luke Pfeiffer's P5 upgrades

" I have struggled with wobble in sustained notes with this table (P5) since I got it .... " said Luke Pfeiffer of Fremont, Michigan.

Recently he did the following upgrades to his P5 TT and let's hear what he says: 

1.  Aluminium sub-platter 
2. Dual pulley and silicone belts


Greetings and hope all is well. The items arrived back on 7/10 and I finally got everything installed the weekend of 8/7. The differences were immediate and very noticeable, I have struggled with a wobble in sustained notes with this table since I got it, adding the TT PSU helped a little, but the sub platter and new pulley have now eliminated it completely, when I heard that I was amazed. The table felt more solid in its sound presentation after the installation, everything seems to have better timing and when anything sustained comes across the speaker I still smile a little even though its been 5 weeks and several hours of listening time. 

As for the install itself, it was surprisingly easy, the pulley swap was a little intimidating, but once I actually did it, I was amazed at how quick and easy it was, your pulley puller makes this an easy task. The subplatter is beautiful and once again that was a snap to swap out, and you provide everything needed. 

I just picked up several new disks and have been listening to the newly released Black Crows Live albums as I type this up, not sure if it's the new gear or what, but the dynamics on these albums through my system are amazing, you can feel the back up singers to the left rear of the band, and Rich off to Chris's right. I have a modest hi-fi with my Rega P5 and TT PSU plugged into a Vincent PHO-8 phono preamp. That is plugged into a Vincent SA 31/SP 331 pre/amp combo running a pair of Focal Chorus 826V's. Everything is connected with AudioQuest wires. 

Again, these two upgrades made a huge difference with my table and the audible differences were very noticeable to me and all in good ways. I would not hesitate to recommend your products to anyone and look forward to future purchases myself

Many thanks, 
Luke Pfeiffer 

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Thanks Luke!

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