Michael Ziegler's counterweight upgrade

Michael Ziegler of Canada has justed added underslung counterweight to the RB330 tonearm of his Frankenstein ex-Planar 3 (2016) deck.
Here's his feedback: 

Hello Mr. Lim, 

I have had a chance now to sit down and play several albums after fitting your counterweight to the RB330. I found setup fussier than with the standard weight, requiring numerous back-and-forth adjustments on the fine knob to get the VTF correct instead of just over or just under. I suspect with use I’ll become properly accustomed to the fine knob and be able to bang out VTF in minutes again rather than the half hour of frustration each of my first two attempts entailed. That, however, is the only negative I can report. Once your counterweight was fitted, playback improved noticeably in several areas. Bass became tighter and possessed more texture. Overall clarity increased. The vocals especially seemed less recessed and more articulate. Mustical organization felt more defined. This was especially noticeable during orchestral pieces and really returned the full pleasure of listening to symphonies. I’m quite anxious to get a proper cartridge on this arm now, as I know the counterweight won’t be slurring the music and holding it back. Your counterweight is definitively worth its cost and a lovely upgrade to the table. 

I’ve attached a picture below. 

Thank you again for your assistance and for such a quality product. 

Michael Ziegler

Thanks Michael!

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