Marcus' new 2016 P2 - Just upgraded!

Marcus of Elmhurst, Illinois has upgraded his new Planar 2 with underslung counter weight, top and bottom bracings, adjustable feet and Ringmat. Here's his pictures and feedback:

"Now sounds cleaner, tighter and simply better ..." 

Hi, Michael:
I received the underslung counterweight on Saturday and installed it right away. 

The quality is fantastic.

In between the different upgrades I received from you for my humble Rega P2 over the last couple of weeks, I feel that my turntable sounds truly amazing for the amount of money I invested. Every little thing I improved, did definitely make a difference in the quality of the sound.

The adjustable feet were a much needed upgrade for me. The wooden floors in my (old) house are more slanted than I thought. With the help of your adjustable feet, my TT now is completely level. The feet were easy to install and are very effective.

The bottom bracing too, was easy to install and well worth the minor investment. Along w/ the top bracing, the added rigidity does seem to add something to improve the overall sound. The top brace was a little more tricky to install in my particular case, but at the end of the day, I was able to figure it out in between what is available to reference online and your instructions. Not only does the top bracing improve the sound, but it also looks beautiful to me (better than the standard Rega top bracing).

I ended up adding the Rega white reference belt and a Ringmat to my set-up. These two things further improved the quality of the sound of my TT. Even my wife - who couldn't care less usually - did point out in passing, that the TT now sounds cleaner, tighter and simply better.

Overall, I could not be happier w/ my upgrades. High-quality pieces at a very reasonable price. From one enthusiast to another - doesn't get much better than this.

Cheers - marcus

PS: I would prefer the concealed stainless steel grub screw lock for my counterweight over the thumb screw w/ the black plastic cap. Could you sell me one of those screws or let me know where I could get one (specific specs)?

Thanks Marcus!

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