Goran's upgraded RP6

Goran of Sweden has upgraded his RP6 with various mods. With great satisfaction he shares his experience in tweaking his beloved RP6 in detail here. Enjoy reading!

Hi Michael, 

Now I’m finished with all the Mods :-) 

Adjustable feet was a necessity for me as you can on my pictures, A wall mounted rack is very difficult to get exactly horizontal in all direction so the your feet housing came very handy and it looks good too. It was easy to install, but I was little confused when assembled the adjusting nut and feet housing separately they were very wobbly but together the tighten up against the tap nicely and makes the correct friction against each other. The original rubber feet went in to the housing with no problem. As it is now I keep them without any filling. Sonically, I can’t hear any noise even if I tap on the glass shelf. 

The Underslunged counter weight was quit easy it only requires good tools. The exact pickup delivered with the RP6 is very light so I had removed all extra weight knobs and the got it right. 

The Sub-platter with the ceramic bearing and 3-belt pulley was easy to install. I didn’t even have to remove the motor, just tugged puller between the plinth and the pulley. 

The last but not least was the Motor Isolation Base. Removing the motor from the plinth was easy and the sticky double glue tape is easily taken off from the motor stand. Following the instructions and trying measure the height for the pulley gave a hint of much extra shimming you need to do. Before the try out you need to put the cover for the motor control card and in my case I had take away some material to get the snug fit it’s something you might end up do because of the soldering on the card.

It turned out during the fitting of the base I couldn’t use the white circular pad it was too high even with no shims. So I use the the 3 rubber pads which came with the package. To get the correct setup with the Base and control card tricky but eventually you will find the position. With all in place after several try outs I was able to hook up the belts and aligning the pulley. Now I was able give some tension on the belts which in fact got a better run on the table. 

Was it worth the money and the trouble? 

Yes absolutely, the solid Subplatter is such a nice piece of metal handcrafted with knowledge and care and that also goes for the rest of the mods. 

Musically I can say sitting and listen to Daftpunk new album RAM and ”Within" which start with a solo piano is just amazing to hear the sound it’s so elegant and relaxed and controlled. It just gave me goose bump listening and the silent parts are really really silent absolutely no rumble or hiss just quite as the black night. 

This was a nice journey to take a good product to be a lot better. I just love enthusiasts in the world. Thank you Michael for your effort and knowledge for us out there with the same passion as you. 

Goran Magnusson RP6 ML Edition

Best Regards, 

Thanks Goran!

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