Leveling Rega RP8....

L.Kim of Sydney has got my double pulley earlier for his P3-24. Now he is looking for a leveling platform for his RP8 with NeoLev manetic levitation dampers. Here's his story .....

Hi Michael, 

It has been a while since I bought the double pulley from you. 

I am interested in your leveling platform for my new RP8. I have tried 2 other platforms but the problem is the surface which I would like to put my TT is very uneven, the slope is so big that for the 2 feet on the same side of the platform, one need to be threaded in to the max and the other minimum, but the allowance of the thread is often so short, while the feet is screwed into its thread with only a few turns, it becomes wobbly. I wonder if the feet of your platform thread though the 20 mm of the thickness of platform, if not, will you be able to make them so.... 

So I configure for him a set of brass feet with bigger adjustable height capability to solve his problem:

Hi Michael,

I received the platform and it solved my tt's problem with foot falls. Wonderful!                                                                 

Thank you for a beautifully made platform. 

With thanks, 
L. Kim

Wonder how's the look of RP8 with NeoLev magnetic levitation dampers on my acrylic platform? L. Kim is kind enough to send me a beautiful picture of his TT set up:

RP8! Looks stunning, isn't it ?

Hi Michael, 

Here is a piccie of my RP8 sitting on top of a black acrylic plinth supported by Tritonaudio NeoLev magnetic levitation dampers, on top of your platform. The NeoLev wasn't working without your platform. 

L. Kim

 I am glad that L.Kim is now able to enjoy good music on his RP8!

Thanks L. Kim!

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