How to connect the turntable to the amplifier

The output from the turntable is normally terminated in a pair of RCA plugs (some in BNC and DIN) in two colors, often in red and black (or white or grey). The red color is the right channel and the black (white/grey) the left channel.

The RCA plugs should be connected directly to the phono input of the amplifier, not the inputs for the CD/DVD or tape players.

However, the phono inputs are not found in some of the newer amplifiers and as such an external preamplifier or dedicated phono-stage is required in order to boost the turntable signal voltage to the level required by the amplifiers. The outputs from the phono-stage or phono-preamp should then be connected to the auxiliary inputs of the amplifier.

Dedicated phono preamplifier (phono-stage) for MM/MC cartridge

Note: MM stands for moving magnet and MC stands for moving coil.

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3. Direct-drive turntable

Luxman 277/282 direct-drive 2-speed turntable circa 1970-1980’s

Direct-drive assembly (top view)

Platter with foam anti-slip mate

Tonearm with cartridge

Cartridge with stylus (needle)

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2. Belt-drive turntable

Thorens TD150 2-speed belt-drive turntable circa 1960-1970’s

Belt drive assembly (top view)

Platter with white acrylic mate


Tonearm with cartridge

headshell with cartridge

Cartridge with stylus (needle)

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