Most of us have a lot of old 7" vinyl records with big holes (a tad less than 38mm) in our cabinets. In order to spin them on the standard turntable with standard smaller diameter spindle, we need a 45rpm record adapter. This is not something new and many of you might already have one of those common ones made of plastic in your possession. But my 45rpm adapter as shown below is completely different....

It's a dual-function adapter!

Let me explain : my alloy adapter weighs approximately 2 oz(or 58g), not only serves the function of 45rpm record insert, it can also be used as a light weight record clamp for your other standard 12" lps. Cool?

This product  is available in two colors, gold or silver to match your turntable.

Gold color model : A45G - USD12.80
Silver color model: A45S - USD12.80

i) As 45rpm adapter for 7" record

ii) As record clamp for standard 12" lps


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