Irritated by motor Noise ? Then your solution is none other than motor isolation! 

Laszlo of Houston, Texas, is pleased after adding this upgrade to his Project Debut Carbon turntable. Let's hear his comments :

Hi Michael,

The motor isolation base arrived safely yesterday. I was so excited, so I started to work on my turntable immediately. I separated the motor as you and others suggested on your website. Earlier, I made an isolation platform for my turntable from 1” plywood and quiet marble tile embedded into silicon. The platform has adjustable leveling legs and is sitting on thick sorbothan pads on a shelf. The turntable legs are on sorbothan pads and your motor isolation base assemble is on sorbothan pads too. The modification was easy with a Dremmel. I removed the shelf and set-up everything, leveling and no touch to the plinth positioning, then placed back the shelf to the wall unit. One more check and connections, test drive and no more motor noise! Perfect

Thanks a lot. Attached find few quick pictures. 


Thanks Laszlo


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