Richard of Singapore has upgraded his Rega RP3 TT with underslung counterweight, aluminium sub platter, stainless steel dual pulley and silicone belts. 

You can see from his picture, removing the stock aluminium pulley is not anymore a difficult task with my pulley puller (it's done directly from top of plinth). So for RP3 owners, if that's what keeps you from dual pulley upgrade, you may rest assured now that everything would be fine.

And you'll not be disappointed as "Everything sounds so new and fresh! "  as Richard has put it   in his comments....

I thought I give it a few days to run-in the new pulley n belts but seriously, if this is what I'm getting before the run-in, I am totally impressed. 

Vocals and instrumentation have all gone up a couple of notches. Everything sounds so new and fresh! 

1. Aluminium Sub-platter upgrade
Aluminium Sub-platter installed 
2. Underslung Counterweight upgrade
Removing the end-stub
Counterweight installed 

3. Dual Pulley and silicone belts upgrade
Puller working directly from top of plinth
Dual Pulley installed
Silicone Belts put on
All the upgrades in place!

Best regards 

Thanks Richard!


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