Counter weight upgrade by Seba ..

Comes to Counterweight upgrades, there are always two common questions being put forward to me :

Q1. " Michael , any problem with the cover? Will your CWT be too high that I will have problem with the TT cover? 

Answer from me, " Not at all, you can still cover it perfectly as the top part of my CWT is almost in line with the tonearm. In fact it's lower than the stock Rega CWT. " 
( Take a look at the picture below from Seba.)

Q2. " Michael, I am fearful to remove the Rega stub and I have decided not to touch the stub, is there any way that I could still upgrade to your CWT? "

Answer from me, " No problem, you may use my CWT with Rega stub if you prefer not to remove the stock stub...."

My underslung counterweight is easy to install and it comes with fine VTF adjustment feature which makes VTF fine tuning very much simpler for you. You also have the choice of not changing the Rega stub or completely replacing the whole CWT altogether with my stainless steel stub.

Sharing with you here upgrades by Seba from Quebec, Canada. Enjoy!

Hi Michael 

long time since we last chat :) 

CW, Adjustable Feet and top brace really have made a difference. I much more enjoy my LP experience with your mods :)

1) Counterweight + Top bracing
Note : The cover would not be affected 

2) Aluminium Feet + Bearing Sheath


Thanks, Seba!


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