Aluminium sub-platter (model ALSP1) - USD150.00

The sub-platter is a very critical component in turntable. It works together with the main platter as a single entity when it spins. For Rega turntables, sub-platters are at the inner 1/3 segment contributing very much less to the moment of inertia as compared to the platter. This is even more true when spinning with the underslung acrylic platter (or the underslung RP6 glass platter). 

Bearing in mind this fact, I feel the sub-platter should be light and with more of its mass at and near the outer rim where it matters most (bigger mass at the rim would contribute to higher moment of inertia). So part (~half) of the mass, other than at the rim and it's supporting ribs/structure, is "dug out" in my sub-platter design to make it less heavy. A "heavier" sub-platter in this case is not going to do much good. If it has been of uniform disc design, extra load would be added to the motor as well as the main bearing. 

In addition, anti-resonance pattern is precision-machined onto the sub-platter using latest CNC equipment for better performance. For Rega turntables( P1, P2, P3, RP1, RP3, P3-24, P5, P25 ...) with stock resin sub-platters, this aluminium metal sub-platter is one of the best upgrades which gives significant sonic improvement to the turntables. 

*Also available: Model ALSPB (USD150.00) with larger diameter to slow down the TT speed. 

Other Models : 
1. Aluminium subplatter Model ALSP6 - for RP6 
(Retrofits the stock aluminium cap)

Aluminium sub-platter  model ALSP6 - USD150.00

( Used without the stock cap)

Aluminium sub-platter (model ALSP-FS6) - USD169.00

diviy of England commented in vinylengine after upgrading to aluminium sub-platter and standard stainless steel pulley:

All fitted now ... first impressions is WOW ........
The sounds so much clearer bass improved by a massive amount just played Phil collins in the air tonight the drum solo just hits you GnRs sweet child of mine intro sound more precise and just cuts into the air like a knife.


I have now played a varied range of records dark side of the moon
keyboards crystal clear and the album has all I can describe has more toque its fuller, timing seems even better.
Then I played iron maiden first album and the guitars and bass are so tight and G&Rs paradise city is out of this world.

So all in all I am really happy with the outcome.......

Mattias T of Sweden commented:
Yesterday, I installed everything on my LP (TT) .......                                                              
I am so IMPRESSED! that so "little" can do so much ....

Mario of Brazil commented on his upgraded Planar 3 :
I installed the sub-platter. I feel more quieter, more attack, the drums are different, faster. The bass response is nice.....

Yetkin Turk of Istanbul, Turkey commented on his upgraded P3-24 :
Hi Michael,
İ changed subplatter today. İt was a big improvement. Tighter bass, better imaging, more airy feeling and more details coming from vinil grooves.

Jani Edström of Finland sent the following feedback on his upgraded Rega Planar 2 :
Hi Michael,

I have now replaced the old Rega sub-platter with your custom made aluminum sub-platter. It was an easy procedure following your instructions. The new sub-platter is very tight so I had to give it a little downward push for it to settle in the bearing housing.

The change was quite subtle at first comparing with installing the motor-base and changing to the metal double-pulley. However, after letting the new sub-platter run for a few hours and while spinning some of my favorite LP:s I started noticing changes in the sound. The changes are perhaps best described as more of everything, adding depth in the base as well as in the general soundscape. The background grew quieter as well the more I let the deck run. I noticed I raised the volume on the music because of the low background noise level.

So, thank you again Michael for yet another fine and affordable upgrade device for the good old Rega.

All the best
Jani Edström

D.McCallum of Canada who uses the sub-platter and the counterweight on his P5 commented:
It’s very, very good and the performance of the table has been elevated substantially by your efforts – and not just in terms of pitch....

I’m very happy with how it sounds – the best it’s been for sure.

Alexandre of Brazil commented on his upgraded P5:

I have just received the sub-platter. Replace the original one with it was quite easy. Very happy with the upgrade!
Thank you so much!
My next investment will be the acrylic platter.

Best regards,

Thiago of Brazil commented on his upgraded P5:

It took a little while to settle down, but once it did, it was marvelous. I also took the opportunity too re-align the cartridge and the counterweight, so the improvement was huge.

Neil of New Zealand commented on his upgraded P25:
It seems to be working fine and has made a big improvemnt to the sound.                                                

Scott Keaton of USA commented on his upgraded Planar 2 :
It sounds great, warmer, richer and with stronger bass and a more live sound that ever before.                

Greg Haswell of British Columbia, Canada commented on his upgraded P25 :
Hello again Michael, Already received and installed the upgrades. Super easy to do and they look and function flawlessly, I couldn't be happier ! .

Matthias of Australia commented on his upgraded Planar 3 :
Hi Michael,
Everything installed without issue.... So far it however sounds(not to mention looks) pretty great I must say. I will stay in touch for the next upgrade! Thanks again for your amazing help mate.

Wesley Best of USA commented on his upgraded Planar 2 :
I got the subplatter installed a couple of nights ago and it's fantastic. The biggest improvement to my ears was better separation in the bass, and overall more impact. I love it.

Danielboone posted in vinylengine on his RP6 upgrade :
"Michael's upgrade subplatter arrived and fitted. Having listened for a couple of hours ,I am amazed at the difference.very little surface noise, some crackles and pops gone. Vocals are crisper and the bass is tighter, instruments more audible, the overall effect is more togetherness and very acceptable."

Ulrich Peyer of Switzerland commented on his upgraded P25 :
Dear Michael,
The results were simply stunning: The bass had a lot more punch and it was so much clearer that an expert could probably tell you which company has built the instrument, because every bass sounds different now which it didn't before...

The sound is also more relaxed, before it was more nervous. The record clamp also gives more detail. I got a lot quality for very little money.

Robert Lopez of California commented on his Planar 2 with sub-platter and counter weight upgrades:
Now that my TT is set up properly and my records have been deep cleaned, the listening experience has moved to another level. Sound staging seems deeper and I'm hearing more detail. It's amazing to hear how much music are in those grooves! Thanks Michael for your great work. 

Jan Landgraff of Denmark commented on his Planar with sub-platter and other upgrades:
Hi Michael, 

Yes, the Rega is up and running, and what a difference! I installed all the items at once, Sub platter, twin pulley, silicone belts and the acrylic platter. The sonic improvements as I can hear it are: better timing, more "space" around the instruments, deeper and more solid bass. The start up time is instant, and the stability of the speed is much better. So thank you Michael, for revitalizing my old Rega, now considering what upgrade to go for the next time. 

Best regards 
jan landgraff 

Karl Moser of Hartberg, Austria commented on his Rega TT with sub-platter and dual pulley upgrades:
Hi Michael !

The alu-subteller and pulley are here, thank you !
The produkt is fantastic and I shop more produkts from you ! 
Feedback and Photos comes next week, o.k. !
Thank you

Keith Lawrence of Kansas commented on his Rega TT with sub-platter upgrade:
Hi Michael 

My parts arrived this week and I installed them in a Rega RP1 today. As you said, installation is pretty painless. I'm particularly happy to see the platter wobble disappear with the installation of your subplatter. 

Keith Lawrence, 

Hi-Fi Avenue Review on the aluminium sub-platter upgrade for Rega turntables


azrin abd shukor said...

Had a good listen to the tt..after installing the subplatter, silicon belt and brass weight. installation took less then 5 minutes..easy.

1st to play was keith jarett's 'the koln concert', i immediately notice an added weight to the overall presentation. 2nd was norah jones "live in austin" and followed daft punk...confirms this and more. Especially on live concert recordings the results was most satisfying.

After 4 hours of listening, i think you're wrong...i think the your upgrades have move my rp3 to a level above rp6 !!

Will be calling on you very soon....for my next upgrade.

Kevin Komorowski said...

Hello Mr. Lim,
I would like to know how to order the aluminum subplatter for a p1 turntable. How much USD? How much for shipping to Abingdon md. USA 21009.
Kevin Komorowski

Kevin Komorowski said...

My email address is
Kevin Komorowski

Michael Lim said...

Hi Kevin,

I had sent the cost to your email .



imran said...
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Anzael LLC said...

I have just received the sub-platter. Replace the original one with it was quite easy. Very happy with the upgrade! you can also see this link VCDB TOOL which you get ACES validation, xml reports,validates ACES data,PIES data mapping and more...

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