Tan (middle) and Lim (right) showing off the Thorens TD 309 and
Thorens 125th Anniversary LP to Dick Tan,
KLIAV 2010 organising team chairman

Turntables are making a return. The growing band of vinyl fans now include young and hip professionals. And at the KL International AV Show 2010 in July, one company hopes to make heads turn, writes SITI SYAMEEN MD KHALILITURNTABLES and vinyl records are no longer the domain of the older generation.

There has been a resurgence of interest among those in their 20s and 30s, says Michael Lim, a turntable specialist with Asia Sound Equipment (M) Sdn Bhd.

“Young guys walk into our showroom, listen to a RM700 turntable and say, ‘Wow, how can such a simple thing produces such a beautiful sound?’ They love the quality of sound that the turntable produces.” Lim adds: “A turntable is a fascinating analogue machine. You can play around by changing its parts to get different sounds. A good turntable can deliver beautiful sounds. It is easy to maintain and there are plenty of parts and accessories available, whereas a CD player that produces the same sound quality will cost between RM30,000 and RM40,000, and you can’t replace the parts that easily.” For the upcoming KL International AV Show 2010, Asia Sound will showcase Thorens’s latest product — the TD 309. Featuring a three-point suspension for perfect balance, the model is available in black and red finishing.
Stylish and sleek, this mid-range model will delight the older generation with its superb sound quality while yuppies will appreciate its modern look.

Asia Sound’s manager Eddie Tan revealed that Thorens is a 128-yearold turntable maker that combines Swiss precision with German mechanical engineering expertise.

“Thorens has a strong manufacturing tradition.
And in terms of design, instead of the usual boxy look, the company opted to modernise the shape of the product. The engineering that goes into the model has also advanced.

“For example, the arm is enhanced with Japanese bearings for low resonance and the platter is made using fused silica,” Lim points out.

Tan adds: “The TD 309’s Tri-Balance design is inspired by photographers’ tripod. A turntable’s design affects sound output because the record rests on the player.
“If a user changes any part of their turntable, such as the platter, felt, needle, separator or even the legs on which the turntable is set, it can change the pressure and affect the sound. Even the materials used to make the turntable parts can affect the sound.” Apart from the make of a turntable, the quality of a record also affects sound output, says Tan. “Vinyl lovers generally perceive that records made in the US are of good quality.

The same goes for firstpressing records that are made in the 1950s and 1960s as they are made using analogue equipment — even the mic that is used by the singer is analogue. For this type of records, you need an analogue player — there is no other way to extract the sounds.” Tan says: “To keep your records in good condition, keep them upright. Never stack them like old newspapers.” Lim adds: “Always keep them clean and put them back into their inner sleeve when you are done listening. The same goes for your turntable. A wellmaintained turntable can still perform well, even after 30 years.” Asia Sound will offer the Thorens TD 309 at RM4,500 during KLIAV 2010, which is RM400 cheaper than its usual price.

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