Turntables like Planar 2,Planar 3, P1, RP1, P2, P3, P25 come with pulleys made of some kind of plastic material whereas for higher models ( e.g P3- 24, RP3, P5, P7 & P9 TT's ) are equipped  with metal (e.g. aluminium) pulleys.

So I got my Planar 3 TT a stainless steel motor pulley. It is definitely an important upgrade which brings sonic improvement to the TT:

Standard (33.3/45 rpm) stainless steel pulley
50Hz (model MP1) - USD38.00
60Hz (model MP2) - USD38.00

Pulley puller , PR1 : USD12.00

To install is easy; just pull out the pulley which is glued to the motor spindle and then drop this stainless steel pulley into the spindle, adjusting it to suitable height and finally lock the pulley by tightening the set-screw with allen key. No messy super-glue to deal with anymore.

Stainless steel metal pulley, with more efficient energy transfer, offers speed & pitch stability unmatched by the plastic or aluminium ones. You will enjoy the wonderful sonic improvement from this simple motor upgrade.

* Note: For P3, P5 and P25 TT's, shorter version stainless steel pulley would be more suitable (available for 60Hz only). However this standard pulley could also be used by just lowering the motor (2mm) with sticky pad (for P3) or rubber washers (for P5/P25 TT). This additional insulation may help to reduce motor vibration to the plinth too.

"The PRAT had improved significantly. Instruments were starting and stopping with a greater precision. Bass notes were noticeably tighter and maybe a touch deeper. The increase in noise I thought I was hearing was in fact improved detail retrieval. The soundstage was improved and imaging more precise. Some warmth that went missing with the new pulley now turns out to be a removal of another layer of colouration and veil and it's now showing up the fitted Ortofon OM5E for the budget cartridge it is. The perceived sound level is louder for the same volume and dynamics are improved. All this without the famed magic white belt upgrade or your dual pulley design. So there you have it a very good value for money upgrade........

Feedback from Al Sands of New Zealand on standard stainless steel pulley and thrust bearing :

All good here now. They sound awesome.

Feedback from Subra of Georgetown, Malaysia on standard stainless steel pulley and silicone belt :

I can see more details now....

I don't understand how a simple upgrade like this makes world of difference. Now the details are thrown out. 

I just played Glenn Miller's in the mood. A different dimension.

Feedback from René Christensen of Denmark on  stainless steel pulley upgrade :

Hi Michael,
I have now got the old standard plastic pulley off and put the new stainless steel on. Oh Yes, THE TIMING is now very close to perfect and the overall sound has improved with it.
I´m very satified with the result....

Feedback from Jalu of Indonesia on stainless steel pulley upgrade :

Just installed all parts on my NAD 533/RB250 two weeks ago, have tested and found ok. very easy to install and excellent for my entry level system (NAD 533 TT/Nagaoka MP110, DIY phono pre-amp & intr amplifier, Quad L11 speaker) more open and solid bass, balance of stereo sound.

Feedback from Kimata Kenichi of Chicago on stainless steel pulley upgrade :

Hello Michael, I just received the pully. It works great !

Feedback from David of Canada on stainless steel pulley upgrade :

Your upgrade works very well and I've been having a great time getting the vinyl out. My kids are very interested in this ancient technology. Thanks for your assistance and the excellent service provided.

David Kelly

Feedback from Fred Saunter of England on stainless steel pulley upgrade :

dear michael,

just to let you know my rega motor pulley arrived on 28th nov. i am very pleased with it.a big improvment in sound quality highly recommended thank you so much it was a pleasure doing business with you.

kind regards
fred saunter
east sussex england

Feedback from Tsuyoshi Nakamura of Japan on stainless steel pulley upgrade :

It is superb pulley. I am going to make the most of that item. Thank you in various ways.

Feedback from Robert of Louisville on stainless steel pulley upgrade :


I received the pulley today. It installed beautifully and sounds amazing. Speed is perfect. Thanks for providing a way to upgrade Rega turntables, the service is invaluable 

Robert, Louisville , KY

Gear pullers to remove pulleys


Reginald said...

Where can I get this metal pulley ?

Michael Lim said...

You can purchase directly from me. Kindly send your location details to my email address: lpturntables@gmail.com


Dear all

At first i emailed him asking regarding my planar 3 speed problem after 20-30min playing and he suggest just replace the new s/steel pulley.

I allready replace the standard 33/45 stainless steel pulley as suggested and done by Michael Lim and add on motor thrust bearing for my rega planar 3 and the outcome is stunning!

Not only overcome the speed problem but also improved the sound quality.

I also manage to save money for the new motor.The new Stainless steel pulley is more stable compared to old plastic pulley and also produce accurate and balance in speed.

The motor also run smoothly with less noise than before.I also purchased Record Clamp and the price is value for money!

One word to describe after trasnformation to Michael Lim's product is SATISFACTION!

wrackandruin said...

I got the pulley and motor thrust bearing. Michael offers great upgrades at great prices. They work too. I'll probably get the isolation base. I'll top it all off with the double pulley.

There are loads of great people out there, Michael included, who are doing one thing - selling great stuff that makes being a Rega Planar owner really sweet!

Mariano Andrés said...


RP1 pulley size is the same than RP3 pulley size ?

if buy RP1 pulley, work if upgrade to Rega RP3 ?


Michael Lim said...

Hi Mariano,

Yes, the pulley is common for RP1 and RP3. You can transfer it to RP3 later if you wish.

Best regards,

Ryan Beaupre said...

I just moved from Canada to Australia and while I have purchased a transformer from convert the voltage, I'm still experiencing speed issues due to the frequency being 50Hz vs 60Hz which my Rega P1 is built for. Would changing to your 50Hz pulley correct this issue? I read an online article which would suggest yes, but the HiFi shop I consulted insisted that I would need a motor upgrade. Thoughts?

Michael Lim said...

Hi Ryan,

Change the stock plastic pulley to a 50Hz stainless steel pulley would solve your speed issue. Of course you can also choose to upgrade to a new 24V motor with a 50Hz metal pulley. If you need the pulley,please contact me at : Lpturntables@gmail.com

Best regards

Robert Auld-Wright said...

Just recently purchased, and successfully installed, Lim's stainless steel 33/45 pulley, main bearing sheath and motor thrust bearing for my stock Rega RP1. One of my biggest gripes with the RP1 out of the box was its pitch control. Songs with extended notes, be it brass, wind, guitar or synth, I would notice a little bit of pitch fluttering. It killed me while listening to Baba O'Reilly (The Who), the track in my record collection where this was most evident.

I can faithfully say that after installing these discrete items that the pitch issue has been removed to my ears. Baba on the RP1 sounds just as smooth as a digital file playback.

With the pitch issue gone (to my ears) I am aiming for subplatter replacement next. Although, for the moment, I will be enjoying my slightly modded RP1 immensely for the next several months, if not years, until I get an itch, or a new cartridge ;).

Thanks, Michael! It is very cool to have someone out there that can make owning a turntable feel more connected than just buying the next line up. Sure, you could forgo these upgrades and just buy an RP6, but it is not as fun :). Once you tinker with your deck you can then call it more yours than Rega's, which is surprisingly rewarding. Cheers.


Anzael LLC said...

Yes, the pulley is common for RP1 and RP3. You can transfer it to RP3 later if you wish. you can also see this link VCDB TOOL which you get ACES validation, xml reports,validates ACES data,PIES data mapping and more...

Bhong Odal said...

Hi, I also have a problem with the speed of my Rega RP1, I bought my TT from Singapore when I was still living there, now that I have come back in the Phil. I found out the problem of 50hz to 60hz issue, pls. Advise

Michael Lim said...

Hi Bhong,

You can just change the pulley from stock 50Hz to 60Hz unit with a new 60Hz silicone belt or white belt.
Contact me at my email: lpturntables@gmail.com, if you are interested.

David G. Moorestown, NJ said...

Do you know what the right pulley to get for a U.K. Model Rega 1 turntable that I would like to convert to a U.S. playable one?

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