Dual Pulley (33.3/33.3pm) suitable for all Rega Turntables including P3-24, P5, P25
DPS1-50Hz: USD 45.00
DPS2-60Hz: USD 45.00
This shorter version dual stainless steel pulley (33.3/33.3rpm) is suitable for P3-24, P5/P25, RP3/RP6. Just remove the "old" pulley with a pulley puller and this pulley will fit nicely without any further modification.

If your TT does not come with a TTPSU and you do wish to play 45rpm records at times, then the following shorter version of standard (33.3/45rpm) stainless steel pulley would be a good upgrade for your stock plastic or aluminium pulley.

You may even keep both the pulleys and it's easy to change them back and forth -  using grub screw. No messy glue involved!

Standard Pulley (33.3/45rpm) suitable for P3-24, P5, P25
(Shorter version, 60Hz only)
MPS2: USD 42.00

Additional note: It is advisable to remove the stock aluminium pulley (P3-24, P3-2000, P5 TT and for 110V and 24V upgraded motors) with a pulley puller.

Pulley puller , PR1 : USD12.00

Thomas from USA commented (with dual pulley and silicone belts upgrades on RP6) :
Hi Michael

Got the pulley,puller and belts.Installed great instructions made it a snap-thanks.Love the improvement everything improved ! I also changed the feet on my RP-6 to Golden Sound ceramic cones.Impedance is better using with my Neuance shelf. 


Charles Thornhill of UK commented (with dual pulley and silicone belts upgrades on P3-24) :
Hi Michael 

The international post to the UK was very quick and no import duty to pay! I've installed the pulley today and it was very easy to do. 

I did not need to remove the motor from the plinth because there was sufficient room to get the pulley puller in between the existing pulley and the plinth. With a couple of drops of acetone and your pulley puller, the original pulley came off very easily. Your new pulley was installed and everything in-place within 15 minutes. Very pleased with ther results and the sound improvements. I've attached a photo. 

Thanks again 
Charles Thornhill

Carl Mack of  Kansas City commented (with dual pulley, silicone belts and aluminium feet upgrades on P3-24) :

Greetings Michael 

I have received and installed the dual pulley on my P3-24. The install went well with the aid of the pulley tool, just under ten minutes. 

I have also installed the aluminum sub-platter and feet. I had installed the sub-platter (by others) three months ago. The music was improved on but not focuses. Once I added your dual pulley upgrade the detail to the sound stage became music once again. The music is more transient, timing is outstanding and the sonic imaging if off the hook. Miles Davis…. 

The music speaks for itself! 

Thank you 

Chris Clark of Florida commented (with dual pulley, silicone belts on P2) :
Hi Michael, 

Well you sure were "spot on" about the improvement that just the SS pulley and two silicon belts would make! 

The base is cleaner, Presents is greatly enhanced, and sound stage is much expanded. Of particular interest to me are both drums, and guitar through fuzz box. Base drums are much tighter, I think I could even name the brand of the skins on tom toms and have never heard snares reproduced so cleanly with every detail of timber clear. The distorted (fuzzed) guitar is so clean, you can hear the sharpness just as if it was live. Piano is just spectacular too! Can't wait to listen to some really good reed instruments. (Album used here: Yan Hammer, "Escape from Television") 

So far incredibly pleased.

James of U.K. commented (with dual pulley, silicone belts on P25) :
Hi Michael 

I’m also happy to report that your double pulley upgrade has done exactly what I had hoped for. Gone is the shudder on start up, and speed stability is much improved. I always thought the deck played slightly too fast as well and it seems to have corrected that. Everything sounds much more natural now and the music seems to have more space to “breathe” which has the benefit of making it much easier to listen to. Thanks again for the prompt delivery and great service – I look forward to ordering from you again in the future. 

All the best 

Ed Lillie of Chorley, Lancashire commented (with dual pulley upgrade on P-25) :

Hi Michael, just to say that I received my pulley yesterday and have now fitted.

A quality product and just what I needed, thanks. No customs charges a bonus too.


Just upgraded to the double pulley today with 2x white Rega belts on my NAD 533 and WOW that made a difference! Wow and Flutter is gone. It was more noticeable in acoustic recordings.

I just installed a dual pulley and silicon belts on my Planar 2 to complement my other modifications. The parts are well made and my platter starts up much more quickly. A definite improvement over the stock parts.

Kamchatka commented in vinylengine:

Re: Michael Lim Upgrades 
Post by Kamchatka » 10 Dec 2015 17:32                                                        

I recommend Michael Lim's dual pulley, and also the cork-rubber mat. The pulley works a treat -- fast start-up and very stable operation -- and the mat looks and sounds great. Also, he's very helpful in giving installation advice and solving any problems you might encounter.

Click to read more on the standard dual pulley >>


Driveparts Direct said...

Thanks for your ideas. You can also find the details on Drive Parts Direct, at the Metal Parts Aluminium Pulleys SPA Section. Drive Parts Direct aims to provide you with a convenient “one stop shop” for all your Power Transmission component requirements.

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