Roger Selby of Lancashire, United Kingdom has a wonderful story of tweaking his humble Rega Planar TT and here's his feedback on aluminium sub-platter, dual pulley and silicone belts upgrades:

Hi Michael,

As promised I am writing to let you know how I got on installing the double pulley and sub platter on my (Rega based) turntable.

Your parcel arrived yesterday morning (Monday) which was surprisingly quick being only around a week from when you posted it.  I was then able to install on my turntable in the afternoon.

It was relatively easy.  The most difficult part of the operation was separating the motor from the plinth.  Although it is held on with two nuts and bolts, it still used the Rega sticky pad which is normally the only method of fixing to the Planar plinth.  However, with a little persuasion it came away without too much difficulty.

The plastic pulley came away from the motor spindle very easily, without the need for the puller.  Installing the new pulley on to the motor (a primotec) was quite straightforward and re-installing the motor on to the plinth was very easy using the two bolts. I think also, because it is not a standard Planar plinth, there was plenty of room to line up the double pulley with the sub platter.

I noticed from various letters on the web site that some people had difficulty in placing the pulley low enough to enable the two belts to fit comfortably around the sub platter.  However, I had no such problems and installation was completed very quickly and easily.

Roger's "New" Rega-based turntable

Aluminium sub-platter upgrade 

Dual pulley and silicone belts upgrade 

Inspire solid ply plinth

It was now time to see and hear how it all worked together.  The answer is that it is very impressive.  The start up time is now slashed to around 2 seconds.  Everything about the sound is now far smoother and refined with surprising amounts of extra detail coming through.  Bass is definitely firmer.  There is more space around individual instruments and vocals have far more presence.

I thought it was quite good beforehand, but now it is noticeably better.  I was a little worried about the double belt causing extra noise to be transmitted, but it is simply not the case.  The whole thing is totally silent and the silences between tracks are now quieter and blacker than before.  This is what seems to allow the extra detail to come though from the record very effectively.

I have attached some pictures showing the installation.  Please feel free to use them and any of my comments as you wish.

Many thanks, Michael, you have something here that takes a humble Rega Planar to an altogether higher level at a very reasonable cost.  I believe that the combination of the new plinth made by a company here called Inspire HiFi together with your new sub platter and double pulley produce a turntable which you would have to spend an awful lot more money to significantly improve upon.

Once again, many thanks and I must say that it has been a pleasure to deal with you.


Thank you Roger for sharing your experience with us!


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