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It's interesting that every now and then there will be someone who requests for something not in my list of accessories. In the way, I am "being pushed" to continue tweaking all the time! Being a retiree who is doing all this mainly as a hobby, I do enjoy this path of tweaking and hope to update you with more new ideas from time to time. 

Recently, an enthusiast who had got my adjustable acrylic platform was wondering if I could supply him adjustable aluminium isolation feet for his second TT. 

Adjustable aluminium isolation feet? Sounds music to your ears?

It is a very well-known fact that for turntable, the board/platter should be as level as possible in order to get the best performance out of it. If it's not level, not only we can't get optimal sound quality, there's possibility of premature bearing hub wear.

Though turntables may be very well made level in the factory, the floors/walls or platforms/shelves on which our turntables sit may not be "perfectly" level. So there's a "valid reason" for adjustable feet and I have decided to add this item to my list.

The new adjustable aluminium feet are simple to install. Using back the existing rubber feet mounting holes, you can do it yourself with the retrofitting rubber feet pressed in.  Here's the adjustable aluminium isolation feet on my RP6:

Adjust the feet a little higher you could even put the TTPSU just below the plinth. (Another convenient way to manage space.) Note: to prevent EMI interference the 24V AC step-down transformer(wall-wart) should be placed as far away from the turntable/cartridge and phono leads as possible to avoid hum and noise.

New adjustable aluminium isolation feet 

New adjustable aluminium feet
(Model AF-3AT, USD66.00 for a set of three pieces)

* Note : Suitable for smaller/newer type of rubber feet

For the much older Planar 3 with bigger rubber feet, you may order my rubber feet together with the aluminium feet as follows:  

Adjustable aluminium feet with rubber feet 
(Model AF-3ATR, USD69.00 for a set of three pieces)

The procedure to fix the adjustable aluminium isolation feet is as follows:

1. Remove the rubber feet. Fix the steel bolt with circular lock nut to the existing screw hole of the rubber feet.

2. Press fit the rubber feet onto the aluminium feet first.

3. Screw the feet assembly onto the steel bolt on the plinth.

4. Now you can adjust all the feet and lock the aluminium feet firmly in place once it's levelled!

You can tweak the feet further by filling the rubber feet with sand, blu-tack or plasticine - have more fun tweaking!!

Note : For other turntables e.g Pro-ject and Thorens etc, which require 4 pcs of feet, the cost is as follows: 

4 pcs Adjustable aluminium feet with rubber feet 
(Model AF-4ATR, USD86.00 for a set of four pieces)

Mike of Washington USA commented on the adjustable feet upgrade :

Hi Michael ,

Got my package today, thanks! I’m very impressed with the quality of the feet. I have a set now that combine aluminum and soft rubber balls but the leveling feature is what I really wanted. I’ve also wanted to place my TT PSU under the table so these look perfect! 


David Millar of Auckland  commented on the adjustable feet upgrade :

Hi Michael ,

Thanks for the adjustable feet, as you will see all installed and very good. Very prompt service! 

Many thanks

David Millar                                                                                                                                                                 

Peter of Wauconda, Illinois, commented on the adjustable feet upgrade :

Hi Michael,

I received my second order from you today and must say I am very impressed with the quality of your products. They are meticulously machined and are much better than Rega's own and better than other Rega aftermarket parts. Thank you!!! Have a very happy holiday season and thank you again for the great parts and service you provide! 

Peter Alt

Francois of New York  commented on the adjustable feet upgrade on Technics SL1700 :

Hi Michael ,

I have received the feet and they fit well. Thank you very much.


* Non Adjustable aluminium feet :


Model AF-3 - USD48.00 per set of 3 pcs
* rubber feet in picture not included.


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