Roger Clarke from Barbados has a heavily modded Planar 3 TT now. Upgrading in stages to enjoy the benefit of every mod, Roger is sharing with you his experience in his upgrading path here. He has so far added stainless steel pulley with silicone belt, aluminium sub-platter, underslung counterweight, motor isolation base, aluminium feet, rubber cork mat and record clamp.

Here are his pictures and feedback. Enjoy!

Hi Michael, 

Let me take the opportunity and say thank you very much for making such good and effective accessories for the Rega Planar 3 TT. There is really nothing more I can add or say that has not already been said about how marvelous the Planar 3 sounds with your mods. 

Stainless steel pulley, silicone belt, Aluminium sub-platter 

Aluminium feet 

Record weight, Rubber cork mat 

Underslung counterweight

I couldn't believe the sound when I first tried the under slung weight. I just sat up in disbelief. I think that upgrade was even more effective than anything else I had tried up to that point.

Motor isolation Base

With the addition of the isolation base, I got rid of the wow and flutter of the belt suspended motor and gained even better PRAT if that makes any sense. My records sound better balanced and refined in the high frequencies.

All I can add is that you are absolutely right about it sounding better than the VPI Scout I had mention to you in earlier conversations and that is with the modest Ortofon OM20 cartridge. It has been a marvelous journey and I have learnt a lot from you and the other members who have shared their passion. 

Right now I am listening to "The Oliver Jones Trio/"Cookin' At Sweet Basil" as I type this. Next on the agenda is the Platter upgrade. I have an old Signet AM30s cartridge that is in need of a new stylus which I will replace the OM20 with until I make up my mind on what cartridge to go with. 

Once again, thank you for a very detail and refined musical sounding upgrade path. 

Best regards, 
Roger from Barbados 

Thanks Roger!


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