The theory behind my underslung counterweight is quite simple to understand. It's "underslung" such that its main mass has lower centre of gravity as compared to the stock circular counterweight. You would notice in my unique design, not only that the main mass is lowered below the pivot, but in line with cartridge which improves tracking. This  in turn brings about much "unexpected" sonic improvement to your TT. You would be surprised to see how this underslung counterweight works wonder in your system! So far everyone with this upgrade is happy with the result.

Richard Liljak of Canberra also didn't expect too much at first and let's see what he said:

Richard's underslung counterweight upgrade

Hi Michael 

I received the underslung counterweight today and was very eager to try it out. Despite reading what other customers had written I wasn’t expecting too much. It was easy to install on my RB300 tonearm of my Rega Planar 3 and then it was onto some listening. 

First impression was there is more bass and it has more definition which is true right up to the high frequencies. Further listening made it obvious the soundstage was wider and deeper and more precise placement of instruments and vocals. Electric guitars have more snarl and snap and sound more like guitars! 

To sum up I have installed a number of mods to my Planar 3 but this one takes top spot for the most dramatic improvement. Photos attached.

Turntable: Rega Planar 3 
Cartridge: Denon DL160 
Amplifier: Yaqin MC 10T 
Phono Amp: Yaqin MS 22B 

Rack is a hardware shelving unit capable of holding 250kgs per shelf 

White thing under turntable is a cement paver 

Might contact you again soon for the next upgrade!! 

Thanks again 

Update further comments from Richard recently:
"I love the fine adjustment screw which made it easy to adjust the cartridge to the correct VTF."

Richard's second upgrade : " .. Everything I have played has never sounded so good.."

Top bracing, Aluminium sub-platter and silicone belt

Hi Michael,

I have my new amplifier and I can say my system is sounding better than it ever has. It is hard to write this because it’s difficult to isolate the effect of your upgrades. I do want to thank you for the instructions which were easy to follow, I’m not a technical person but even I could do them by closely following the instructions. 

My first upgrade was the underslung counterweight which made a big difference to the music and seemed to let through more of the music to the speakers. Suddenly some LPs I had which were so dense they sounded like one homogenised sound began to separate and sounds like a unison of different instruments. 

With the second set of upgrades – the upper brace, the aluminium sub platter and the silicon belt it’s like those instruments have been pulled forward from the speakers and they have more definition. Saxophones sound more breathy, guitars sounds more guitar and drums have more snap and impact. My taste in music varies from rock, alternative to jazz and world music and everything I have played has never sounded so good. 

Before I came across your website I had upgraded the motor to the Rega made external PSU and had the Incognito rewiring kit installed which both made a difference but your upgrades take the performance of the Rega to a whole new level. It is like having a new and much improved turntable. 

I thank you for developing these upgrades which have allowed me to get more enjoyment out of listening to my LP collection. 


Thanks, Richard!


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