Some time last year, while I was strolling in the weekend flea market (a perfect place to hangout during weekends for retirees) with my wife, I met Jepson and a few other Hi Fi enthusiasts. As usual, the whole group of us had a good time chatting away in our favourite cafe which was strategically in the middle of the ground floor in Amcorp Mall.

Amazingly, the cup of black coffee and the two slices of ultra crispy kaya butter toast bread seemed to taste especially delicious today, "flavoured" with all the Hi-Fi or TT talks and jokes! 

Just before the Lunar New Year, I was glad to hear from Jepson again. He was looking at my underslung counterweight for his Michelle Tecnodec turntable with Rega RB250 tonearm. He has recently retired from work (he is a veteran in Hi-Fi industry) and he is looking forward to enjoy more of his favourite music now. 

After setting up the counterweight, Jepson sent me his feedback with pictures without delay. I really appreciate his effort and kindness. 

The VTF not fine tuned yet but i can hear better definition now. 

Even my wife hears it. 

The cart is the dynavector 10x5 high out mc 

Wish i have a digital gauge. Spent the afternoon listening to various records. I adjusted the vtf by ear and feel. 

First off, better definition across the board. Images more solid. There's even slam! 

Well done bro. 

And Jepson had asked me some questions on how to fine tune the VTF using 4.5g thumbscrew weight and these tips may be useful to you:

Hi Jepson,

Let say your requirement is 2.2g. Turn the 4.5g thumbscrew weight 5 or 6 turns anti-clockwise from it's inner most position(i.e. completely screwed into the stub position), you proceed to adjust the VTF to around 2.1g or as close as you can get by moving the counterweight( the one with a plastic locking wheel). Then do the fine adjustment by turning the 4.5g thumbscrew weight clock-wise( looking from the stub end) until you get the desired value. 

Best regards, 

Jepson commented about this fine tuning feature( and I am a bit flattered!):

This feature is execellent! So versatile. Michelle tecnoweight lost out to u on this. My sound now has more air. Bass more definition. 

Thanks Mike. Bravo! 

I attached some pics of my tt and hifi setup.

My hifi equipment: 
Michell Tecnodec tt 
Adrian Wong's local phono stage 
Lindemann integrated Amp 
Sonus Faber Cremona speakers 
diy Canare interconnects 
diy Canare speaker cables                                                                                                                            

Thanks Jepson, Enjoy more analog music!


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