Thomas Nielsen's Black bottom bracing

Black bottom bracing? 

Why black? "Black" seems to be quite a favourite colour in hi-fi world. A lot of the hi-fi equipments as you can see are black in colour, not to mention the "black saucers" that we are spinning on our beloved TT's are mostly black too!

But you don't find black bottom bracing in my list. Yes, so far I only supply the natural stainless steel bottom bracing. The is because stainless steel is hard to be chemically stained to "perfect black". At most we can get it darkened like the picture below only:

Here's how Thomas has got his bottom bracing with "well-done black". How did he manage to do so? The answer is simple, just Spray it

It's perfectly fine to do so as it is not going to affect your TT performance. In fact it's cheaper and more effective compared to getting it "chemically stained". Good DIY idea from Thomas of Denmark for you!

Let's hear what Thomas has to say about the bracings and aluminium feet upgrades : 

Hi Michael! 

Just to tell, that I am very pleased with the bracing upgrade - and the alu feets looks really cool. I am glad that I got them too! 

About the sound enhancements: 

My initial impression is: "It's like windows being polished". 

Small nuances in the background is brighter and the sound is tightened up, and dynamics seems to "pop up" faster than before. 

By the way: I had a small amount of matte black paint in a spray can, so I gave the bottom brace and the big shim some black spray before the assembly. 

The reason for this is, that my TT is located on the Rega wall bracket in good operative height. And from my favorite listening position in the sofa I can see slightly underneath the TT, and therefore I wanted to make the bottom brace more discreet compared to the black bottom of the TT - and it just gets the alu feets to stand out even more beautiful! 

So maybe a black option of the bottom brace would be an idea for future "upgraders" 

Best regards from Denmark
Thomas Nielsen

Thanks Thomas!

* Stay tuned .... more to follow ....


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