Andrew Stockton of United Kingdom has a red hot RP6 too. He has just added dual pulley with silicone belts upgrade to his TT. An easy job which took him only 10 minutes with the pulley puller! I hope his testimony would clear the doubts of those who worry about the pulley installation. His step by step procedure with pictures are as follows:

Dear Michael 

I received the Rega Dual Pulley, belts and pulley puller two days ago. Fast (tracked) delivery to the UK and extremely well packaged. Very impressive.

I followed your instructions: 

  • Light oil applied on the motor shaft below the original pulley 
  • A layer of absorbent tissue placed below the old pulley (i.e. flat to the surface of the plinth). This was layered from 4 sides to overlap up to and all around the spindle 
  • A cotton bud lightly soaked in Acetone (my wifes’ nail varnish remover) gently dabbed over the top centre of the old pulley and left to soak for a few minutes 
  • The pulley puller was slid under the old pulley / above the tissue and tightened slowly with the allen key until the pulley was completely removed from the spindle 
  • The remaining ‘glue’ was carefully cleaned from the spindle (making sure no pieces fell below onto the top motor housing bearing) 
  • After this the new pulley was pushed up and down freely on the spindle to make sure it was smooth Then it was simply a case of finally sliding on the new pulley, tightening the allen bolt slightly to allow movement up-down and aligning the two belts to the correct height, then fully finger tightening the bolt and….finished 

All in all, about 10 minutes, very easy.

As others have noticed, pitch stability sounds much better, especially noticed on sustained notes and keyboard instruments. Bass is tighter sounding (i.e. transients are a little sharper) and ‘rumble' appears less. I am very happy with this change and wholeheartedly recommend others to consider the same. After all, the cost is small compared to the quality you offer and the perceived results.

Another good Idea here! How to keep dust away from plinth and record and prevent the lid from vibrating while playing record with lid closed!

The white edging is hollow rubber ‘door sealant’ as I like to play music with the lid closed. 

Rega RP6 / Ortofon 2M Black / Graham Slee Reflex M phono 

This keeps dust from the plinth/records and reduces vibration being transmitted from the cover. All my vinyl is RCM cleaned and in very good condition and I like to keep it that way !)  

Best regards 

Thanks, Andrew!


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