Thomas Nielsen's upgraded TT - "P9/P10"....

Congratulations Thomas! 

WOW! Audiomods arm! The latest addition of to his heavily modded P3-24 TT; it's in even higher league now. 

Sharing with you pictures and feedback from Thomas:

Hi Michael! 

As I promised you a few weeks ago, here is a pair of pictures of the top brace in my P3-24 - and my new arm from Audiomods, that I recieved just before this weekend. 

As I noted in the last mail - and still listening to the stock rega arm - the bracing upgrade was absolutely audible, with an overall more focused sound and small details from the background popping up even more clearly. And the alu-feets is making the turntable looking georgious! I´m realy glad I got those!

And now - with the Audiomods arm - I think that I have a turntable in the same league as the P9/RP10 - or maybe even better, what arm is concerned. But thats my opinion.

Best regards from Denmark
Thomas Nielsen

Thanks again, Thomas!


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