It's a joyful experience ...... 

(Can you remember this post? Just click on the above to flashbacks of Jani's first upgrades.)

In this earlier post, Jani'of Finland had taken the trouble to share with a series of pictures, step by step procedure how he upgraded his TT. It's really good reference, especially for Rega Planar 2 owners.

One thing good about having a Rega TT, irrespective of the model, no worries about it's age (30yrs? no problem...), you are not left out in this interesting hobby of tweaking. The best part is : You can tweak in stages; you can choose to spend a little or a lot ; you may pick and choose whichever component you believe to be of utmost important to begin with; you can even surprise your other half with the sonic improvement that she actually doesn't believe will ever happen.....

Above all, it's a "joyful experience"as Jani had put it and you would be rewarded with more enjoyable music after all the effort put in!

Let's see what's Jani's experience this time:

Hi Michael 

Here are some thoughts about the top and bottom braces I installed a few days ago. After I decided to keep my Rega Planar 2 (1985) instead of buying a new turntable I have gradually upgraded the turntable with Michael Lim's aftermarket products. 

For me the biggest change was installing the motor-isolation base together with the metal subplatter and the double pulley. The motor-isolation base was a cost-effective and better alternative to buying a new motor.

Then I learned about the top and bottom braces and decided to upgrade the plinth. 

For every upgrade there has been remarkable sonic improvement. I did not expect much from the braces, but was surprised by the immediate effect they had on the sound, both musically and sonically. In short the music tightened up in all registers and from the bass to piano overtones. 

Jani, Finland. 

Thanks to you again, Jani


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