It's a joyful experience ......

Jani Edström of Finland said :

" Listening to the Rega Planar 2 with the new pulley and motor-base is a joyful experience. Everything falls into place. Surface noise is much lower, the music more together. Bass is deeper and more distinct. There is more details in all registers. Transients are more convincing. Perspective is better.

In short: the artists deliver better music than ever before in my system.

So what was achieved?

A better technical solution and most likely better sound without changing the motor. Costs were about the same as the motor upgrade, not counting the costs of installation the motor upgrade. That is the motor-base is a less expensive alternative than doing the motor upgrade.

The motor-base not touching the plinth reduces vibrations more than just changing the motor. The only touching point is between double pulley and the two red silicone belts. Good thinking! "

Jani had also taken the trouble to send me pictures of how he installed the motor base and double pulley in detail. He said :

The procedure of changing the pulley and installing the motor-base did not take long, a couple of hours perhaps and two large cups of coffee. I was guided by the excellent pictures on your website, thank you!

What I realized when I was almost finished was that the motor-base actually stands on the same surface as the player, not "hanging" in the provided rubber mesh.

And so kind of him to remind me that I had missed out the following picture in my earlier post:

" So what next? Nothing other than serious music listening at the moment. Maybe sub platter and counterweight later on just to see how far you can take a
Planar 2.

Right now I did the right thing and what is better than knowing that?

- Jani Edström "

Jani Edström also sent another feedback on the aluminium sub-platter upgrade recently:

" Hi Michael,

I have now replaced the old Rega sub-platter with your custom made aluminium sub-platter. It was an easy procedure following your instructions. The new sub-platter is very tight so I had to give it a little downward push for it to settle in the bearing housing.

The change was quite subtle at first comparing with installing the motor-base and changing to the metal double-pulley. However, after letting the new sub-platter run for a few hours and while spinning some of my favorite LP's I started noticing changes in the sound. The changes are perhaps best described as more of everything, adding depth in the base as well as in the general soundscape. The background grew quieter as well the more I let the deck run. I noticed I raised the volume on the music because of the low background noise level.

So, thank you again Michael for yet another fine and affordable upgrade device for the good old Rega.

All the best
Jani Edström

Thanks Jani for sharing with us your joyful experience and wonderful pictures!


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