A must for RP6 - upgrades for CY Yeung

CY Yeung of Hong Kong is a happy RP6 tweaker! He has just added stainless steel dual pulley and silicone belts and he said, "it's simply amazing....."

"It's a must for RP6." he further recommended:

Hi Michael, 

Just installed the double pulley and red silicone belts. 

Wow, simply amazing.. Better imaging, pinpoint localization of instruments and voices, better drive and pace. 

A must for Rega RP6. By the way, I have Grovetracer Subplatter installed, but the double pulley has brought the TT to another level. A must for Rega RP6 owner. I am sure that your subplatter would have provided the same effect!

CY Yeung

Thanks CY Yeung!


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