Darren from Manchester found his TT has always run fast when he first wrote to me :

Dear Mr Lim 
I have a Rega P3, about 10 years old, which I have owned since new. The dealer upgraded the motor for me shortly after i bought it, and it has been fine ever since, except that it has always run fast. This has not got any worse but I am growing intolerant of it and am on the verge of buying another TT.

It basically spins at 34rpm, which is quite noticeable. Currently I have installed a quick fix of stretching a large rubber band around the subplatter which actually gets it spinning at 33.33 (at least as accurately as i can measure it) but this "modification" is (not surprisingly i guess) causing some speed instability which is audible. So, I saw on trawling the internet that you maunfacture and sell the ALSPB subplatter which is specifically designed to be larger than the Rega original subplatter for the very reason of reducing excessive speed. Can you tell me how much it is to ship to the UK? NB I presume that installation is simple? (I would point out that I am not a DIY -er when it comes to precision engineered hi fi equipment......) 

Many thanks in advance

I sent him the special model ALSPB sub-platter for reducing the speed of his TT. Thank goodness, his problem is now finally solved.


Sorry for the delay. I nearly responded with the new email "subject" of "Rega running slow......", as at first it seemed if the new sub-platter had overcompensated for the original speed problem....but a trip to my local dealer on Saturday resulted in a happy ending. 

So to give the full story - I fitted the new sub-platter. Your instructions were very clear and it was really straightforward. Because I was changing the subplatter I had decided to buy a new standard Rega belt to make sure everything would be working as well as it could. And the sound was improved (nice clear bass, really rock solid speed stability, and everything just sounded "crisper"). 

But I quickly noticed that the speed was too slow. Must have been revolving about 32.8 or perhaps slightly slower. So I was quickly disheartened that I had the same problem but from a different angle. V annoying. Everything sounded like a funeral march. I resolved to take a trip to my dealer to see whether a ProJect Speed Box SE could be fitted so I could step up the deck's speed by increments to the 33.3 - somewhat drastic, but I had lost patience. 

The dealer was sceptical about the economy of trying to fit the Speed Box and suggested trying one of the white Rega belts which is somewhat thicker than the standard black one. I was doubtful this would make much difference, and had actually started to take a great interest in a (rather expensive) Fund Firm deck in the show room.........Anyhow, I was pretty amazed to find that the belt change did the trick. The P3 is now revolving about 33.2, which is good enough for me. Whether this means the new standard belt I bought was defective I am not sure, but I am now willing to believe the hype about Rega's more expensive white belt! 

So the upgrade has really worked. Much better speed (which was the key objective); and the improved clarity of sound and seeming lack of any pitch variability is a great bonus. Money well spent. 

As you requested. here are a few photos (showing nicely the new sub platter and the white belt too!). I hope you can view them ok. Apologies I could have cleaned the surface of the deck a bit! 

Many thanks, a pleasure dealing with you.


Thanks Darren!


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