Pro-ject Debut Carbon is a good budget turntable to commence one's analog experience. It's equipped with a carbon tonearm. With some simple tweaks you can further enhance it's performance.

Motor isolation base upgrade is highly recommended for this Pro-ject TT. This upgrade not only isolates the TT from motor vibration but also improves the energy transfer to spin the sub-platter/platter in a more steady pace, resulting in overall sonic improvement. Many have tried and are happy with the sonic improvement!

Scott's of Harlington, UK , had recently upgraded his Pro-ject Carbon Debut with my motor isolation base and he found the improvement to be significant! 


I just installed the isolation base to my Pro-Ject Debut Carbon; the improvement is significant. I wasn't really suffering from any rumble, but what little background noise there was has vanished altogether. More importantly, everything seems a lot clearer - the timing is better, as is the separation between instruments. I would thoroughly recommend this upgrade. 

 It was easy to install, too - I just drilled a small pilot hole, then used a big drill bit to cut enough of the plinth away to accommodate the posts sticking up from the isolation base. The only slight issue was that the screws provided were much too long; I had to saw them down (and file the bottom thread), but no biggy - it's not hard to get hold of shorter M3 screws. 

 Kind reagrds, 

Thanks, Scott!


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