More Natural sound - Craig Meyers' P2 upgrade

Aluminium sub-platter and stainless steel dual pulley brings more natural music. These are the first upgrades to be considered for you Rega TT with phenolic sub-platter and standard plastic pulley. Craig of Holland shares his happy experience with us on these upgrades. He has also upgraded to adjustable aluminium feet which also contributes to the sonic improvement.



I got the parts today! I got them installed and did a little bit of listening. I’ll forward you some pictures tomorrow. 

Overall I am very happy with the upgrades! The table is now level on my Rega wall shelf without the need for silver dollar coins! :P The bass is the most noticeable improvement … there is more of it and it is more precise. I can almost hear the 3-dimensions of a drum kit now. There is also a more natural sound to the music … maybe attributed to the truer diameter/consistent speed? Detail improved slightly as well. 

All of your instructions were good. The only thing I did not do is drill the 1/4” pilot into my plinth for the feet. The screws I removed were almost the same size and I did not want to damage my plinth and they went in just fine. The only criticism is the grooves on the spindle. They catch and grab my vinyl as I am removing it compared to the stock smooth spindle. Thanks again for the parts, advice and information on your site! I have a rewire kit en route and next up will be a Delrin platter. 



Thank Craig!


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