Endrik's new shocking orange tweak!

Here's the new orange colour rp8-like acrylic plinth of Endrik from Philippines. For his new tweak, a piece of 5mm orange acrylic cutout was added above the clear plinth to enhance the look further. And now we have both beautiful look and beautiful music! 

Endrik has posted in vinylengine beautiful pictures of his new tweak :

Finally got my rp8 like acrylic plinth from Michael Lim the other day. Very nice craftmanship. Thank Michael! :) 

 *now playing beautiful music. . . :) 

Here's a pic using Michael Lim's acrylic platter with original acrylic cover. . . :) 

The orange rp8 like plinth is just 5mm thick and placed on top of the basic acrylic plinth. It is not full thickness but just an accent to the plain looking colorless acrylic. No problems with closing the oem acrylic cover whatsoever.

The thing is every tweak gives a slight difference, incremental so as a whole, I can really hear quite an improvement from my stock. . .I'm kind of a form and function guy, looking for a perfect balance between aesthetics and sound. I don't like at all a beautiful turntable yet with a mediocre sound. The best tweaks I think I got was the dual pulley and motor isolation support. . . :)

 Thanks, Endrik for sharing with us !

Note : 
Endrik has done several Rega upgrades to his Rega P3-24 earlier :
1. Aluminium sub-platter, dual pulley and silicone belts, click to read more .....
2. Top, bottom bracing and aluminium feet, click to read more  ......
3. Counterweight and motor base, click to read more .....


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