Endrik of Philippines had earlier added my aluminium sub-platter to his P3-24 TT. Before I introduced the pulley puller, he was unsure of doing the dual pulley upgrade for fear that the motor might be damaged using the "hack method". Now with the help of the new pulley puller, he successfully upgraded his P3-24 TT with dual pulley and silicone belts. 

Take a look at some of his additional tweaking ideas using bitumen and Kamagong pucks. Do you notice he has added a top bracing too?

Here's his comment and pictures with the upgrades:

Hi Michael, 

I was able to install the dual pulley last night. It was so much easier to remove the motor in order to pull out the pulley. 

What it did was a noticeable increase in details, PRAT and a lower noise floor. I'm so happy with this upgrade. 

If you notice the motor cavity, I placed bitumen to strengthen and deaden resonance:) 

*I placed Kamagong pucks on the periphery of the platter to increase the flywheel effect. 

Thank you so much Michael, The next time ..., I'm planning on getting the motor support! :)

- Endrik 

Thanks Endrik.

Read more on Endrik's further upgrades on top and bottom bracings .....  >>>>


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