Antonio Amaral of Toronto, Canada is another RP6 owner who went for dual pulley with silicone belts upgrade. I believe many of us are curious to know if the dual pulley combo makes any difference to the performance of this well-esteemed RP6...

Here's the feedback and pictures from Antonio Amaral.

Hi Michael: 

I have attached some pictures. 

Your double pulley gear is a definite upgrade for my Rega RP6. With the double pulley, I find that the music is more focused. Sound stage has widened slightly. Bass has slightly more impact and punch. I highly recommend the double pulley. Rega uses them on their higher end tables and now I can hear why. 

Many thanks.

Antonio Amaral

Removing pulley with Pulley Puller

Dual pulley installed 

Silicone belts in place

Thanks Antonio!


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