The first RP6 with dual pulley....

Thomas from California, USA was the first Rega RP6 TT owner from North America to enquire on a dual pulley. Making the wrong assumption that his RP6 came with a 60Hz pulley like P5 (aren't RP6 a replacement for P5??), a 60Hz dual pulley was sent to him... 

I was terribly wrong! And because of this, I had made Thomas and a few other RP6 owners waited longer than necessary for their dual pulleys. My sincere apologies here to them all.

So actually there is only one version of RP6 ; both North America and Europe are using the same 50Hz pulley and TTPSU like P7.

Thomas had finally settled his problem and here's his comments in vinylengine :

" I've had my RP6 for a little while now and I really love it, one thing that I had noticed over time was a little wow, most noticeable in long sustained notes. Not experience-ruining by any means, but I had read about the dual pulley upgrade and thought that might be a good way to shape it up. Contacted Michael, who said he had not seen this done on an RP6 yet. He said that the 60hz (N. American version) shorter pulley should work, so I ordered that + 2 of his silicon belts, and an acrylic mat just for fun, and off I went.

Received the parts from Michael about 1.5 wks after ordering (I'm in California). Michael provided good instructions for performing the surgery, which I more or less followed. I ordered a pulley puller from him, which worked well - just put down some strips of tissue to protect the plinth, twist away on the pulley puller, and hope that cracking sound you hear is the pulley glue and not the plinth. :twisted: 

Once the stock pulley is off, putting the dual on is a breeze - slide onto the spindle, find a good height, and tighten up the set screw. This is where I hit a minor snag in that the 60hz pulley was unfortunately not the right size. I had a moment of concern when I quickly compared the stock and 60hz, but chalked it up to difference in styling and pressed on. Upon trying to play a record and hearing it in slow motion... nope. The 60hz pulley is too small for my RP6.

Michael was very responsive and helpful, asking me to confirm the diameter of the stock pulley (3/4") and then sending a replacement 50hz pulley right away. Received it this morning (took about twice as long to get here due to the holidays) and the first glance tells me everything is going to be alright.

Set screw vs glue makes adjusting the pulley, or in this case replacing it, a breeze. Popped on the larger pulley - looking good (this shot may actually be the 50hz pulley, I took lots of pictures and now they're all mixed up - but you get the idea).

First Impressions:
When I received the first shipment from Michael, I put one of his silicon belts onto the stock pulley to see how it sounded over the stock Rega belt. Immediately noticed an improvement, I would assume similar to what people have experienced with the white belts - everything focused up a bit, tighter bass.

I also tried replacing the stock felt mat with the acrylic one before fiddling with the pulley - dramatic change, bass much tighter and everything more airy. It kind of shifted the mix, if that makes sense - a more balanced presentation with more low and mid than the felt mat was putting forth.

Now that I've got the dual pulley added as well, I am overall very happy with everything I ordered from Michael. Starting and stopping is now faster (duh). Noise floor seems to be lower than it was in the previous configuration, not sure how much the pulley + belts can really impact this but I am hearing it - maybe I am just subconsciously choosing my most noise-free records (or they're the ones I like best because they sound good :lol: ). The wow issue seems to be addressed as well, and this very well could have been taken care of in the first belt swap - timing seems rock solid. And on that note, I am pleased to report that the quickness that is a huge part of what makes this table so fun is still present and accounted for. 

A+ would buy again. "

Thanks Thomas!


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